May Marigold

May Marigold
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178.00 cm
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Popularity # 25045
Like # 25919
Trash # 19278

May Marigold is a member of Robyn Hill's Happy Huntresses. She made her debut in "Sparks". She is a cousin to Henry Marigold. May has a direct and confrontational personality, being described as the "least happy" of the Happy Huntresses, and having a no-nonsense attitude. She appears to want to bring honor to the Marigold name. May appears to show both distrust and utter disdain towards the military, being shown to have no qualms against adopting an aggressive attitude towards Atlesian personnel such as Marrow Amin. However, around the Happy Huntresses, May shows a more positive side to her personality, being supportive of Robyn's political aspirations and displaying loyalty towards her, to the point of being willing to use both legal and illegal means to accomplish her goals. She is also friendly to Ruby's Group, nonchalantly and playfully joking with the group. May's voice actress stated that she is the first onscreen transgender character in RWBY.

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