Maya Biggs

Maya Biggs
Original Name
Romaji Name
Maya Biggusu
Appears In
Dr. Stone
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 17th 1991
200.00 cm
199.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 36206
Like # 39416
Trash # 25692

Maya Biggs (マヤ・ビッグス Maya Biggusu) is a modern human who was part of an elite force and is a former member of the American Colony, who served as a soldier to Dr. Xeno. She currently works as a member of the Power Team in the Kingdom of Science. Maya is a boisterous and generally pleasant person. Whether it be friend of foe, Maya is not usually shown to harbor any ill will towards others, even apologizing to her enemies for winning the battle. She has a very casual personality and even on the job will be laid back, often joking in the midst of battle. Throughout the series she has not been shown to dislike anyone, even helping the enemy at times, such as Matsukaze, and she even made attempts to communicate with him, if it was to gain information. She would not harm others without a good reason; however, she will not hold back from doing her job as professional if the job requires it. She will not be your enemy unless you make her your enemy.

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