Mayu Sumimori

Mayu Sumimori
Original Name
住森 麻夕 Eleven
Romaji Name
Appears In
Devils Line
Place of Origin
Meguro Ward, Tokyo
Date of Birth
July 7th 1987
161.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 30414
Like # 28277
Trash # 29535

Mayu Sumimori (住森 麻夕 Sumimori Mayu?) was in charge of the accounting and intelligence gathering for the CCC, in which she went under the code name Eleven (イレブン Irebun?). However, she's not good at detailed work and often makes mistakes, and was later left to be killed by the organization, but she survived and was saved by the Public Safety Division's F Squad. She used to have a thing for Kirio Kikuhara (Zero Two), but her feelings for him have died down after Plan B didn't go smoothly. Now, it's Takeshi Makimura (Zero Six) who's on her mind. She comes from a wealthy family who had connections to the CCC. She has an inferiority complex due to having beautiful parents and sisters, and she doesn't feel as pretty as her name sounds. Mayu is a young woman with a light and fair complexion. She has straight dyed light-blue hair, which is nape-length with middle-parted bangs. She has light colored eyes and wears makeup. After some events, Mayu gains weight and develops a fuller figure and plumper lips. She occasionally has her hair tied into a ponytail with her bangs held back by two hairclips at each side, in which her hair has grown longer. She has inherited most of her father's appearance, and is noted to have looked exactly like him before he had plastic surgery. Mayu also doesn't feel beautiful and is planning to get plastic surgery as well.

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