Mayumi Nishikino

Mayumi Nishikino
Original Name
錦野 麻弓
Romaji Name
Nishikino Mayumi
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Popularity # 5350
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Trash # 7671

Mayumi Nishikino is a office-lady who is currently staying at the Kawai Complex where Kazunari Usa is staying at. In addition, she always seems to know what's really on Sayaka Watanabe mind and likes teasing Kazunari Usa a lot about his virginity and his first times in terms of relationship wise. Mayumi is a woman with mid-back length light brown hair that has bangs hanging over her face, green eyes, crimson-framed glasses and large breasts. She has various types of clothes. However, she sometimes wears only lingerie whenever she's at home. Whenever she is upset or suffering from a hangover, her underwear does not match. Mayumi is a very straight forward person who would always tell a person what comes first on her mind about them. In addition, she doesn't like couples due to her luck with men as she thinks that no one else, relationship wise, should be happy since she's always getting thrown around and dumped by different men. Her mood swings are fierce and sometimes Kazunari Usa and Shirosaki become the victims of such a swing. However, her mood swings that don't stop her from feeling confident about herself when any man/boy sweet talks her.

heavy drinker
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