Original Name
Romaji Name
Appears In
Date A Live
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
154.00 cm
Blood Type
80.00 cm
64.00 cm
90.00 cm
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Popularity # 1196
Like # 1073
Trash # 2926

Mayuri is an exclusive character from the Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement. Mayuri is a young, beautiful girl with long blond hair and deep pink eyes. She has a ponytail tied on her right side. She's usually seen wearing a white sailor uniform. She also wears decorative gold earrings with a small pink and blue sphere attached to the accessory, with the later sphere changing color depending on the condition of her angel. In her Spirit form, she gains an Astral Dress that takes the appearance of a short black dress with a slit in her chest and stomach. She also gains black gloves and gold gauntlets on her legs. On her back, she has a pair of angelic wings alongside four large transparent wings. Additionally, she has a smaller pair of wings attached to her ears as extensions. Mayuri's height is stated to be 154 cm, and her three sizes are B80/W64/H90. Mayuri is a calm girl that rarely shows her emotions. She usually follows Shido around to observe his dates with the Spirits; to fulfill her and her Angel's goal. During the beginning, Mayuri did not seem to bother about the fact that she would eventually disappear. However, after seeing Shido go on a date with each of the Spirits he had sealed, she developed the desire of wanting to live and not disappear, along with the feeling of jealousy which she unconsciously develops that later prompts Kerubiel to go berserk.

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