Mea Kurosaki

Mea Kurosaki
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November 1st
153.00 cm
44.00 kg
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75.00 cm
52.00 cm
77.00 cm
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Mea Kurosaki is a character from To-Love-Ru Darkness. She is sent to Earth to bring back the "old" Yami. It is revealed that she is Yami's younger sister as she was created by the same organization and from the same project (Project Eve) as her. At first she is found alone staring out the window until she meets Nana and becomes friends with her. She now views others as friends. It appears that she has sexual, though not necessarily emotional, feelings towards Rito, although she tends to use them in a playful, teasing way around him. Before coming to Earth, she was known as Red-Haired Mea. After revealing her true identity to the entire school, she dropped the surname Kurosaki and being referred to by the name Mea. Mea has violet/blue colored eyes and red hair with a really long braid. The upper part of her hair resembles Yami and Tearju's hairstyle. She also has a violet colored hair clip with an indigo colored cross on it and hair coming below it that's similar (yet smaller) to her braid. She's also seen letting her hair untied, mostly when taking a bath and when in combat. Sometimes she wears black Gothic clothing (which she calls it her true form) that's similar to what Yami usually wears but it's a lot more revealing, instead of a skirt she wears shorts and her top has a hood on it, also with a star shaped gap symbol on the chest part. This symbol also appears on Yami's and Nemesis' clothing. She usually wears a pair of striped panties, but doesn't wear any undergarment under her battle outfit. Her 3-sizes are B75-W52-H77. Mea has a laid-back, mischievous and childish personality, bordering on the psychotic side sometimes. She is rarely not smiling, particularly in combat, acts friendly to friend and foe alike, and often says "wonderful" if something unfortunately perverted happens. Mea has a sweet tooth and likes anything sweet, preferring to put so many sugar cubes in her tea that they pile out the top of the cup. She seems to enjoy messing with and teasing people, particularly in regards to Rito and all the girls that have feelings for him. For example she has made more than one reference to him having licked her body or her desire for him to do so, though she makes this out as a joke. However it has been discovered by Oshizu (during her possession of Mea) that this desire is in fact completely genuine. It was also discovered by Oshizu that within Mea's mind is a darkness so deep that it almost consumed her and revealing a dark and scary side to her that has left her highly mistrustful of Mea ever since. Mea is very loyal to Nemesis and follows her teachings about being a weapon and gets mad at anyone if they disrespect Nemesis in any way. However, there are those like Rito and Tearju who try to convince her otherwise. This seems to work as she seems to begin to care and consider others as friends and show sympathy towards "weaker" beings. Mea doesn't show any kind of embarrassment or shame, not even when her clothes got ripped off. She instead prefers to get caught in awkward and/or sexual experiences, showing a sadomasochistic side. Oddly, Mea's personality is practically the opposite of her sister Yami. She always seems kind and sweet around others, but has a sadistic side which she rarely shows, while Yami appears cold and emotionless around others, but has a nicer side that is rarely shown. Mea is fond of anything ecchi while Yami detests it, as can be seen in her fetish for being licked. The one thing the two do share is the ability to get overwhelmed by their powers; Mea, whenever taking apart in something as miniscule as cutting food, can enter a state of euphoria that forces her to continue cutting all things around her with glee, much like how Yami's anger towards ecchi keeps her from rationalizing between life and death.

blue eyes braided hair medium breasts alien childish mischievous
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