Mecha Eli-chan

Mecha Eli-chan
Original Name
Romaji Name
Meka Eri-chan
Place of Origin
Prison Castle Csejte
Date of Birth
156.00 cm
4000.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 19494
Like # 18415
Trash # 21421

Mecha Eli-chan, Class Name Alter Ego, is an Alter Ego-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. "My justice is unshaken. As you can see, it is ironclad." Through her steel expression, it is difficult to tell, but she is extremely tenacious. As a noble (one who defends their land), she has crushed her own 'personality as a young girl'. On very rare occasions, and only to a Master she trusts, she may possibly display a girly smile/embarrassed face. An (inflexible) Servant of justice. The lawful good alignment from Elizabeth Báthory of all people isn't just for show. Fundamentally collected and prudent, a true noble lady. She rarely ever raises her voice, but when standing before evil, she enters self-righteous/leader mode to give a sharp reprimand. ... If Elizabeth was never caught up in her delusion of blood... no, if she had someone to protect her from the pressuring notion that, 'A woman holds no worth without beauty', the history of Čachtice would surely have changed. This Alter Ego might be that possibility given shape. While Mecha Eli-chan possesses perfect beauty, she comes with her share of faults. One of those faults is her 'Criterion for Justice'. Precisely because she exists as the guardian deity of her castle, no matter who they might be, whoever goes against her rules is deemed 'evil', and will be attacked...! Note: As her digital brain takes some time to process the 'Contradictory Nature of Humans', she is seriously worried about whether she should just punish anyone who commits a textbook case of an 'evil deed', though she won't say a word about it. Traitors and criminals have their circumstance. Mecha Eli-chan possesses the intelligence to take extenuating factors into consideration, holding dissatisfactions towards her own self-righteous thought pattern, and mulling over how to improve herself. She's really just a good kid.

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