Mega Man Husbando

Mega Man
Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Created by Dr. Thomas Light
Date of Birth
132.00 cm
105.00 kg
Blood Type
Super Fighting Robot Blood
Popularity # 7922
Like # 9394
Trash # 4086

Mega Man, also known as Rockman in Japan, is the main character of the Mega Man series and the precursor to X. He is a humanoid robot created in the year 200X by Dr. Thomas Light alongside his sister, Roll. Originally made to be Dr. Light's lab assistant, he was converted into a super fighting robot in order to combat Dr. Albert Wily and his followers known as Robot Masters. Reasons why Mega Man is the best waifu: 1) Unlike the typical waifu, he has a wide variety of powerful weapons at his disposal that he gained from all the Robot Masters that he has fought over the years. Even when compared to waifus with weapons, his combat experience and sheer strength far outclass them. 2) Cares about justice and peace for all robots and humans alike. He constantly spares and forgives Dr. Wily throughout most of the games despite how evil he is. If he's this caring of such an evil person, how much more if it was someone that he loved? 3) Is extremely cute. If that isn't enough, he also has a cute robot dog partner named Rush as well. 4) Is better than Megumin, a character with a name so similar to Mega Man that she might as well be a rip off of him. While Megumin has one explosion spell that's of moderate strength, Mega Man has many different weapons such as the Hyper Bomb and Napalm Bomb that surpass any explosion that she could ever create. Not to mention that he has the ability to create black holes out of thin air thanks to his Black Hole Bomb powerup. Quotes: "I am more than a robot! Die, Wily!" "Hey Bass! Why must I fight you! We are not enemies!" "I will keep fighting to bring peace to humans and robots!" "It was Wily all along!"

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