Meiko Otsuka

Meiko Otsuka
Original Name
大塚 芽子
Romaji Name
Ōtsuka Meiko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 20th
164.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4791
Like # 4605
Trash # 5590

Meiko Otsuka was the witch of Telepathy of Rika Saionji's set and the president of the Manga Club who lost her power after the first ceremony. Otsuka is a girl of average height who is considered being highly attractive by Toranosuke Miyamura (in his critique of the witches) with thick green hair that is twisted in a long, thick curl which runs over her left shoulder and down the front of her chest with part of her bangs come to rest in between of her eyes while the rest run off to the side, framing her gentle features, large violet-blue eyes, black square-framed glasses, a slender figure and large breasts. She usually carries herself with a sense of panic or uncertainty, both of which can be attributed to her lack of self-confidence. Like most girls in the series, Otsuka is usually seen wearing the Suzaku High Uniform, consisting of a white collar shirt with a red and black-striped bow, and a gray plaid skirt with red stripes. The uniform for warmer months also consists of a light tan sweater vest over the shirt, which is replaced by a dark black jacket in the colder seasons. Otsuka is a shy and soft-spoken girl, who usually employed the use of her telepathy to communicate with her classmates. Due to her lack of experience dealing with people, she expresses a timid demeanor in most of her appearances; expressing fear of the Student Council during the Witches' conflict with former President Haruma Yamazaki, and panicking under even the smallest amount of pressure. Her signature anxiety appears to be a product of her difficulties in school, both socially and academically. Although she appears quiet and subdued on the outside, Otsuka has a bossy commander-type personally that she expresses when using her telepathy to commune her thoughts. In spite of these introverted tendencies and her demanding alter-ego, she usually appears as a kind and trustworthy individual who prefers to avoid conflict and is willing to help her classmates in times of need. She becomes less introverted after meeting with Shiraishi while the latter was occupying Yamada's body. Like Ryu Yamada, she is portrayed as academically challenged, a quality that landed them both in summer school courses together. Otsuka struggles with even the most simple equations and school materials, as shown when Nene Odagiri tried to help her solve a problem, only to lose her patience and give up. Yamada mentions that he and Otsuka are the two lowest ranked students in their year in terms of grades, making them rivals as the "idiot" and the "fool". While lacking talent in the classroom, Otsuka is shown to be an excellent artist capable of drawing images she receives through her telepathy with amazing quality and detail. She is also an amateur manga artist and author, serving as the president of the Suzaku High School Manga Club, and attending local events to show off her creations. Otsuka's passion for art appears to be inspired by her love of manga.

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