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Melascula is an elite warrior of the Demon Clan, serving directly under the Demon King as the Faith of the Ten Commandments. After being empowered by King Arthur she took on the name Chaos Melascula. Melascula is a young woman with long, pink hair. She wears a sleeveless white leotard with horizontal and vertical lines in the middle and on top her breast. She also wears a pink bow on the choker. She wears long, pink stockings with white ornaments going around each stocking at the thigh. She is constantly cloaked in a shroud of her own darkness. Though not readily apparent, she also has an abnormally long tongue accompanied by the enlargement of her mouth. Her original form is a short and thin white snake with red eyes and a line of purple dots along her body. After bathing in miasma from the Demon Realm for 300 years, she grew into a giant white hooded snake with purple stripes and red eyes, which she can transform into at will. As Chaos Melascula, her hair have turned black and her leotard has some black spots over it and a black bow tie. Additionally she now goes barefoot in place of her pink stockings. Melascula has a calm, reserved, yet mocking personality. Upon being released from the seal she wishes to rest before acting and when the Ten Commandments realize that they may reclaim their lost magical power by consuming the souls of humans, she chooses to summon some lesser demons instead of having to work herself. Melascula also expresses boredom and sarcasm when faced with challenges, showing off her rather apathetic side. She is known to be boastful and cocky during battle. She also seems to look down on humans in general. As stated by Gowther, Melascula is a zealot and is extremely loyal to the Demon King and follows his orders and laws to the letter and cannot fathom nor attempt to understand anyone's reason for going against him, effectively making her immune to her Commandment's curse.

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