Melinda Desmond

Melinda Desmond
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Merinda Dezumondo
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Melinda Desmond is the wife of Donovan Desmond and mother of Demetrius and Damian Desmond. Melinda is a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin. Her eyes are narrowed and droop slightly, with visibly long lower eyelashes and short, thin eyebrows above. She wears dangling triangular-shaped earrings with an inscribed circle and a small black dot in the middle. When going incognito, she wears a bandana around her head, sunglasses, a dress, and high heels. She appears to be athletic and organizes the Lady Patriots Society she is a part of to play sports like volleyball. Melinda is very energetic and is quick to make friends with others. After meeting Yor Forger and seeing her skills, she instantly takes a liking to her and asks her to be the ringer for her volleyball team. She seems to enjoy shopping, as seen when she was at a department store with her butler, Nola, who was carrying everything she bought. Being a part of a family with lots of money, she seems to pay no mind giving large quantities of goods as presents to others. When Yor messes up something, Melinda encourages her to do better and explains where she went wrong. She does not worry too much about status, and simply wants those around her to be themselves. Just like Donovan, Melinda does not bother to communicate closely with their children and intentionally neglects Damian. In addition, she is also a rather secretive person who does not shine in public and communicates mainly only with friends whom she knew before her former status as First Lady.

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