Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Far Side of the Moon SE.RA.PH
Date of Birth
April 9th
190.00 cm
33.00 kg
Blood Type
75.00 cm
55.00 cm
80.00 cm
Popularity # 1374
Like # 1301
Trash # 2000

Meltryllis, Class Name Alter Ego S, is an Alter Ego-class High-Servant of BB in the CCC Incidents of Fate/EXTRA CCC and Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order. Meltryllis resembles Sakura Matou and BB with long violet hair (depicted with indigo tint in the artwork); compared to them, however, she has a noticeably slender figure, with a small chest and blue eyes. Her attire is composed mainly of a large cloak with two long sleeves that cover her hands, which flares out dramatically at her waist to resemble a hoop skirt. She accessorizes herself with a blue ribbon in her hair, metal armor gripping her waist, two belts on her sleeves and one x-shaped belt on her chest with a pentagonal emblem. Meltryllis' lower section, however, is completely exposed except for a tiny, seemingly insufficient metal codpiece. Her most prominent features are huge, metallic legs with a long spike attached to each knee, and giant, pointed needles extending from the bottom of her feet. Unlike Passionlip, she seems to be able to change the shape of her legs if she wishes, using three different pairs of more humanlike legs in each of her swimsuit version's ascensions; this suggests that they may in fact be prosthetics. Like the rest of the Sakura Five, her face is visually similar to BB's. She wears silver and blue underwear. In Fate/Grand Order her codpiece is slightly altered to include a metal string, while she gains a white ballroom dress reminiscent of a swan in her final ascension. According to Meltryllis, the choice of such a titillating outfit is because she believes that it's not only easy to move around in and shows off her physique, but is also a chaste and feminine outfit, thus suitable for the highest spec Alter Ego such as her. Meltryllis is the Alter Ego of "End of the pleasure", born out of BB's ego "service requirement" and "pleasure". The type of abnormally lovely girl who cannot help but stir up a desire to protect her in men—is what she was, but possibly due to the effect of her skill which allows her to continuously steal her opponent's abilities, she currently possesses a belligerent disposition. Despite how she takes in other people, she doesn't desire understanding or sympathy from them due to the fact that Meltryllis does not understand the feelings of others. Meltryllis does not need other people. She doesn't understand love or dreams. Supposing a situation where she would acquire "LOVE," she would probably dedicate everything to and attend the object of it. To the self-sufficient Meltryllis, the feelings of the object of her affection aren't worth taking into account. She would declare in her oppressive manner that her own feelings are correct. Without any intention of conversing with them (I already love you so much that I don't feel the need for it), without any desire to touch them (that amount of pleasure is already unsatisfactory), she has no intention of telling them that she wants them to love her (that kind of mutual understanding is already unnecessary.) As haughty and dominating as she may seem, her love is unclouded and unwavering at its core. Beneath that constant domineering attitude and permanent perch on a high horse, there is not a speck of doubt or hesitation but only overly pure "awakening to love", something Meltryllis remained unaware of until after the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC. Just what is the true foundation of herself, who is the incarnation of "self-pleasure." What makes up Meltryllis' core is "devotion to the person one has fallen in love with." That she repeatedly raised her level by draining and that she decided to control the Moon Cell is so she can offer supreme pleasure to her loved one. Protecting her loved one → taking her loved one into herself → the herself that she took them into (even if she is completely changed to the point where she doesn't understand herself) will continue to live forever. She has determined that that is the supreme love she will offer to her loved one. Looking at them from Meltryllis' perspective, even BB and Lip are nothing more than "foreign bodies that even I feel that I want to save." However, those feelings are far too closed. To her, who saw only her own feelings as definite, whose connection with the outside world was lacking, "LOVING another person" was itself a fatal bug (defect), which led her to fear the prospect of being loved herself. She has since come to see that this way of thinking was why she was defeated and that she is genuinely capable of loving another person; now, BB herself has said that Meltryllis is better at understanding the emotions of others than she seems to be, and she has since come to see Passionlip as a sister worth protecting on her own merits. However, her pride is as strong as ever, which leads to her coming off as a tsundere at times when it keeps her from expressing her true feelings- especially when she is shown love and affection, as she is still not used to receiving either. She seems cold, but only because she is rational and thoughtful. She acts merciless, but this is because she wishes to ascertain everything fairly. Her tastes can be sadistic, but only because like BB she meddles with the people she likes. She has a Neurological Disorder and in regards to Meltryllis' five senses, her sense of touch has deteriorated. Especially her hands, she's almost completely lost sensation in her fingers and for that reason, she has become proactive in her relationship with the outside world in an attempt to stave off the isolation she feels from it. While she can still move her fingers just fine, she is unable to sense body heat (including her own) or light touches very well. This is a digression, but because of the clumsiness of her fingers caused by this, despite her hobby of collecting figures, she cannot immerse herself in assembling Garage kits without difficulty. Meltryllis is a collector of dolls and figurines, and her interest in them can only be described as obsessive. At first, this was because she simply wanted to love someone without needing to consider their thoughts and feelings or worrying about being loved in return, all while allowing her to be in total control of the other party. Later events suggest that an equally significant part of her fixation is that she sees herself as being more like a doll than a person- she possesses a humanlike form but can never truly be human herself, and the same beauty she prides herself on is more likely to frighten people than charm them. Following the events of Fate/EXTRA CCC, Melt has come to terms with her monstrous nature, and acts misanthropic and aloof to hide her fear of being rejected by humans. She openly admits that she is a monster to those who would accuse her of being one, in part because she believes she will be treated as a monster no matter what she does. She doesn't believe that any human could possibly relate to her or understand her feelings, but should she ever find someone who is willing to accept who she is in spite of her inhuman appearance and prickly attitude, she will follow them to the ends of the earth if that is what they ask of her. As seen in Fate/Grand Order, she will not hesitate to sacrifice her own life if it means keeping the one she loves safe, and nothing terrifies her more than the possibility that she might fail to protect her beloved despite her best efforts to do so. Meltryllis has a penchant for fighting. It is thought that even her interest in causing others pain ultimately arose "because like this, I'm the only one who cannot feel the existence of other people", causing her to feel intensely lonely. As Melt describes it, she struggles to feel her own joy and so feels most alive when she can see how much pain she can inflict on others; only when someone has been utterly dominated by her can she feel like she understands what it is like to love another, or so she claims. She is not as comfortable with her sadistic tendencies as she once was, however, fearing that they will lead her to hurt the people she loves. She will speak harshly to them or suggest that she might hurt them if she felt like it, but she would never put them in genuine danger or injure them herself. Meltryllis is very proud of her physical form, calling out at BB and Passionlip for having "excess meat" and seeing herself as the peak of structural beauty. However, it's noted by Caster that this statement may not be entirely true, and she does get noticeably defensive when attention is called to her small bust size. She hates ugliness, but admires those things which display true beauty. When flustered or upset, her speech is prone to becoming overly dramatic. With her Master, Meltryllis typically continues to act distant and unfriendly, reminding them that she could end their contract any time she wishes and that the Master is not her equal. However, if the Master earns her trust she will eventually begin to be more honest with her feelings and will start to show them her true self: a devoted, pure-hearted maiden whose only wish is to make the person she loves happy even if it comes at the expense of her own happiness.

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