Mephistopheles Kurona Cinnamonroll

Mephistopheles Kurona Cinnamonroll
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Kurona Mephistopheles Cinnamonroll
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Gabriel DropOut
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Popularity # 19893
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Trash # 23571

Kurona Mephistopheles, shortened to Mei by her friends is a demon student of Maiten High School and classmate of Tapris. Despite her standing as a Demon, she doesn't consider Angels to be her ennemies, becoming friends with Tapris as soon as they got acquainted with each other. Her shy personnality, combined with her gloomy exterior and her odd ways of showing thanks leads to several misunderstandings with the people she interacts with and more specifically with someone as innocent and naive as Tapris. Despite her shyness, Kurona is very easy to befriend, considering every small actions done for her sake a token of trust, even from the humans she's scared of. Kurona is seen with the same outfit throughout the manga which conssts of a white hairband, a black hooded shirt which seems to hide her school uniform, a black ribbon tied in a bow, a black striped red skirt, mid calf black socks and white shoes. Her hair is cut in a way that hides her heterochromia, which she doesn't like to show, even to her friends

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