Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn

Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Original Name
Romaji Name
Meruuibu Burūfisuuin
Place of Origin
Limsa Lominsa, Eorzea
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 16302
Like # 17493
Trash # 9942

Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn is a Sea Wolf Roegadyn who serves as the Admiral of Limsa Lominsa. She is both head and founder of its Grand Company, the Maelstrom. She is tall, like most Roegadyn women, and has gray skin and silver hair. She was born the only child of Bloefhis Bloefhisyn, captain of the League of Lost Bastards. Merlwyb served as a member of its flagship crew until learning her father had made dealings with the Sahagin. Thus she challenged her father to a mortal duel, winning against her father and leaving his body on a deserted island before assuming control of his crew and fleet. Merlwyb would guide her fleet to the New World's waters, and there sunk a rival pirate band's "invincible" fleet in the Northern Empty. She returned to Limsa Lominsa in 1563 and assumed the position of Admiral of Limsa Lominsa. Understanding the importance of cooperation with the other nations of Eorzea and the terrors of piracy, she decided to outlaw the practice- a decision with equal merits and drawback. When the Empire threatened to invade Eorzea, she gladly entered into the Eorzean Alliance with the Sultana of Ul'Dah and the Seedseer of Gridania. She also got involved with conflicts with the Beast Tribes of the Kobolds and Sahagin, competing with the tribes for natural resources. Though eventually reaching a truce with the Kobolds, she broke the truce out of a need to gather materials in Kobold lands. Merlwyb is a proud and courageous woman, occasionally acting against better judgement and joining battle rather than remaining at a command post, as she did to prevent the Sahagin's summoning of Leviathan, and in the Alliance's liberation of Ala Mhigo. She is honest and steadfast, and kind to those she considers her friends or allies. However, she is also stubborn to a fault and uncompromising. Perhaps as a holdover from her pirate days, she is also incredibly mercenary and pragmatic. She views politics as a competition over resources over anything else, and though she understands why some disapprove her treatment of the Beast Tribes she sees it as the only way for Limsa Lominsa to survive, especially without piracy. Merlwyb has a longing for the sea she is unable to sate in her current role, but thankfully can indulge in her second love- fine wines- from her position atop the Top Mast of Limsa.

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