Mezo Shoji Husbando

Mezo Shoji
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Fukuoka Prefecture
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February 15th
187.00 cm
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Mezo Shoji, also known as the Tentacle Hero: Tentacole, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Mezo is a tall, muscular young man with pale gray hair swept forwards, covering most of his face, and bent downwards at almost a right angle over his eye. He has six arms attached by a web of skin; the arms are very physically strong, and while his Quirk is not in use, only the front two arms have hands, the rest ending in thin stumps. While less pronounced in the anime, he has a slightly elongated face; his eyes set more towards the sides, the majority of which, due to his scars, he has always kept hidden by a blue mask, which covers him from just below his eyes to the base of his neck. He is rarely seen without it, as he doesn't appear when the other students are bathing in the hot springs, and he wears it with every outfit. To speak and eat, he grows a mouth on the end of one of his tentacles, although once, in the Quirk Training Camp, when his arm was injured, he was seen speaking with his actual mouth. Although he has no discernible ears, he doesn't have to use his Quirk to hear. During school hours, he wears the regular male U.A. uniform, the only notable difference between his and the other students' being that he is sleeveless to make room for his six tentacles, and he wears a waistcoat rather than a blazer. He also doesn't wear the usual brown dress shoes, replacing them with thick-soled black espadrilles. His hero costume consists of a tight blue tank top, six white markings resembling eyes, connected at the top to a darker, more indigo-colored mask, its design the same as the one he usually wears. He has a belt with another, larger eye shape embedded into its center, this time yellow, below which he wears slightly baggy trousers to match his shirt, two darker lines running down the sides of his legs, and indigo boots. After his mask was torn during his fight with Spinner, alongside many rioting civilians during the Final War, he is revealed to have an elongated face without a nose, as well as an extended mouth with large teeth and prominent scars around his lips, one running from the back, downwards towards his neck. Despite his frightening appearance, Mezo is friendly and gentle and will work nicely with anyone. He is not the type to hold grudges, showing no ill will towards those that harm him unwillingly. Mezo is entirely selfless and willing to risk his life for anyone. He can be empathetic and understanding but still shows a sense of maturity and responsibility that prevents him from acting under emotional impulses, even if he feels regretful. He is very protective of his classmates, especially if they are hurt or injured. The Ultra Archive book states that his feelings for his friends are stronger than anyone else and doesn't mind sacrificing himself. Mezo claims to hold no desire for material needs, being okay with having few possessions of his own, and this is a trait he has been carrying since childhood. Mezo is also quite thick-skinned, as he said he was used to being feared and seemed unfazed when Pony Tsunotori called him an octopus and said she didn't like to look at him. In Mezo's hometown, there is still prejudice against those whose bodies are altered outwardly by their Quirks, and people are often frightened of him. He started wearing his signature mask because his face made a young girl cry, and he didn't want to cause any sadness. He also states that his facial scars and the fact that he is a heteromorph can make people assume that he became a hero to enact vengeance on the people who scarred him, which is not true. Part of his motivation to be a hero is to tear down the societal walls that have stood in the way of heteromorphs like himself for over a century. However, he also knows that he can't do so in a single generation, and as such, he has a marked distaste for shortsightedness regarding the use of force and violence to head such a change in society.

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