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Midia is the daughter of Marquess Charon of Deil, which is a powerful noble house in Archanea. When Dolhr rises to power, some of the other noble families betray Archanea to side with the Empire. After her father is killed and Deil is seized by Dolhr, Midia continues to fight back, but she is ultimately captured and imprisoned in Archanea Castle alongside Boah, Tomas, Dolph, and Macellan. During Marth's liberation of Archanea Castle, she is rescued and joins his army. Later in the story, she meets Astram on the battlefield and recruits him to the army. During the events of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Midia leads a rebellion against the crazed Emperor Hardin. However, her rebellion is crushed and she is imprisoned in Archanea Castle to await her execution. When Marth's army arrives at the castle, she calls out Hardin on his actions fueled by jealousy and demands to know Nyna's whereabouts. During the resulting battle, she is rescued and joins Marth's army once again. Midia is very passionate about her relationship with Astram, as well as her service to her country. It is revealed that much of her life is centered about Astram and they are considered to be the "perfect couple" because of how madly in love they are with each other. She is also willing to die as long it benefits Archanea.

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