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Midori is a playable child character in Fire Emblem Fates and the daughter of Kaze. Midori loves to make medicine and has a curious mind, making her a natural researcher. Coupled with her polite and down-to-earth personality, she is an honorable student. She often spends her time gathering precious herbs and other materials to create special tonics for the army to use. She will go out of her way to help out people by creating specific blends for them, even accommodating their special needs such as making a beauty cream for Forrest and creating a blend for Kana's dragon specifications. Midori never settles on her blends and is always looking to improve her formulas so they have the absolute best outcomes possible. Her tonics are sometimes known to have very unpleasant odors. Most of this is result of some incredibly unusual ingredients and has been known to use insects sometimes in her tonics, such as in her support with Ignatius. Midori does not take rejection well in general and sometimes cries when people refuse to take her medicine. Nonetheless, Midori always brews tinctures with the best intentions and are extremely effective once the drinker finally ingests it with no negative side effects aside from initial taste. She has the most acute sense of taste to help her with her brewing, which makes her even more effective in her craft. Midori adores Kaze and likes to brag about him whenever the opportunity presents itself. She usually keeps her desires to spend time with him to herself, as she does not want to impede with his line of work. Deep down though, she values any time the two are given to be together and she enjoys making brews for him the most.

bangs fair skin green hair hair ribbon medium breasts playable playable character polite purple eyes short hair thin eyebrows twintails
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