Mighty the Armadillo Husbando

Mighty the Armadillo
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Maitī za Arumajiro
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Mighty the Armadillo is a peaceful anthropomorphic armadillo with a passion for traveling. Though he dislikes violence and roughness, Mighty is more than capable of such when trouble arises. Mighty has black fur that covers his body and a red thick armor, which rounds from his forehead above to his lower back. His pointy tail is black, like his body. Mighty's ears are side facing and funnel-shaped, and he has a medium-long and sharp black nose. Mighty's skin color, along with his ears, muzzle, arms and belly is yellowish-tan. He also has interconnected, cartoonish, circular eyes with black pupils, and wears white gloves with sock-like cuffs. Mighty is a friendly and welcoming person.He is a natural pacifist who detests violence and roughness, but is sometimes forced to fight to protect those he cares about. He can also be irritable, especially when under pressure. He's also a loyal and trustworthy companion who values his friends' lives more than anything. Such was the case when he surrendered a Chaos Emerald to Metal Sonic in exchange for the safe release of his best friend, Ray.He loves to travel, and his aim in life is to journey to all the places in the world. Some of the things Mighty enjoys include forest bathing, peace and nature.

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