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Mikoto is a character in Fire Emblem Fates. She is the queen and ruler of Hoshido. Befitting of a queen, Mikoto is calm, kind, and graceful and well loved by the people of Hoshido for it. Mikoto has a generous soul, from nursing a man suffering amnesia back to health to raising her late husband's four children and her own niece later on. Orochi describes how her family was disliked for telling bad fortunes alongside the good ones, but Mikoto accepted Orochi and even treated her like a daughter. Mikoto later wept for nights on end after Orochi was injured during an attack on the palace. Despite her serene demeanor, she had her fair share of silly moments. Orochi mentions some of her odder moments in her supports with Ryoma and Corrin, like dressing too lightly when it snowed, forgetting she had two chopsticks in hand and ended up eating with four, or swimming with her slippers on. While she did keep herself as composed as she could in court, Orochi described her as 'like a wise sage and an accidental jester.' Behind closed doors however, Mikoto agonized over her lost child, keeping herself alone in the shadows. That said, she was not afraid of Orochi and Kagero seeing this side of her. After being reunited with them after many years, Mikoto was overcome with joy. However, despite Corrin's doubts from the revelation, she was patient enough to allow Corrin to come to their own conclusions, even if it would take much time. Holding her child's life above her own, she is willing to sacrifice herself to protect her child from harm.

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