Mikoto Asuka

Mikoto Asuka
Original Name
飛鳥 美琴
Romaji Name
Asuka Mikoto
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 23rd
165.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4525
Like # 4329
Trash # 5391

Mikoto Asuka used to be one of the three Vice-President and the secretary of the Student Council. She was the president of the Shogi Club, prior to Ushio Igarashi using the Amnesia power to erase everyone's memories. Asuka is a girl of average height with long indigo straight-cut hair that she wears down with a red headband, blue eyes, a slender figure and large breasts, just like most of the female characters in the series. Her attire consists of the Suzaku High uniform. Not much is known about Mikoto, but according to Ryu Yamada, she is "that girl I always see with the president", indicating that her relationship with Haruma Yamazaki is close. She seems to be protective of the president, if not more as she politely warns Nene Odagiri not to include him in her circle of friends if not she would have to intervene. Beneath that layer of pleasantness, Mikoto seems to be hiding her slyness and cautiousness. She is also capable of giving a malicious aura to anyone who tries to defy her goal, as well as mocking those she deems unworthy. While normally a cool and aloof person, Mikoto can show a moment of fear and anger as seen from her reaction to Shinichi Tamaki's confidence in his intention. She is also capable of giving sympathy to others, shown when she wanted to help Ryu find a way to remove Maria Sarushima's ability. She was described as beautiful, smart, athletic and influential, and was considered to be quite popular and well-known among most students. However she did not want this and would rather be a normal student. She is shown to be quite sadistic as seen when she tortures Ryu due to her falling for his charm power. And later before leaving Suzaku High School for college, she brought out a whip.

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