Mikoto Mikoshiba Husbando

Mikoto Mikoshiba
Original Name
御子柴 実琴
Romaji Name
Mikoshiba Mikoto
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 14th 1995
177.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3288
Like # 2908
Trash # 7704

Mikoto Mikoshiba, also known as Mikorin, is a high school student at Roman Academy and the tritagonist of the series. He is one of Umetarou Nozaki's assistants, as well as the best friend and classmate of Yuu Kashima. Mikoto is considered to be a handsome guy by his peers. He has red hair that is partially swept to the right, red eyes, and red studs on both of his pierced ears. At school, he wears the standard Roman Academy uniform unbuttoned over an orange shirt. According to his bio, when not in school, he likes to wear flashy clothes and follows fashion magazines. Mikoto attracts the attention of many girls and he is admired by boys as well. He is popular and seems to have a charismatic, flirtatious personality. However, his true nature is quite timid and somewhat tsundere. While outwardly he flirts with girls shamelessly and confidently, he cringes and becomes embarrassed at his own actions afterwards. Despite his own incompetence in romantic situations, he is perceptive when it comes to his friends' love lives. He can accurately infer when they are in need of assistance and is always willing to help. It is discovered that his personality is actually the inspiration for Mamiko, the heroine of Let's Fall in Love. While some characters have figured this out and constantly make references to it, Mikoto seems to be completely oblivious.

2-d lover bangs earrings fair skin flirtatious high school student popular red eyes red hair short hair student school uniform tritagonist
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