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Millie is a supporting character of the SPY x FAMILY series. She is one of Yor Forger's three co-workers at Berlint City Hall. Millie is a young woman with light skin and eyes that are slanted downwards with long eyelashes. Her chin-length orange hair is styled into a bob curling inwards with her fringe swept to the right of her face. She is seen wearing the Berlint City Hall uniform with a green vest over a white long-sleeved shirt and a green skirt. Her skirt is noticeably shorter than her co-workers, with thigh-high black socks and black heels. She also wears a small red ribbon to the right side of her head and a pair of round earrings. At the party, she wears a strapless red dress with frills along the top and a belt fitted below the bust. She sports a pearl necklace with her round earrings and the ribbon on the right side of her head is thinner. Her high heels are red and have flower decals along the back. Millie is shown to be lively and mischievous, suggesting to Yor that they put snot in the Chief's coffee as a joke and most often seen smiling or giggling. Even though she later breaks up with her boyfriend, she doesn't seem bothered and remains cheerful, even asking Yor to introduce her to Yuri.

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