Milluki Zoldyck Husbando

Milluki Zoldyck
Original Name
Romaji Name
Miruki Zorudikku
Appears In
Hunter x Hunter
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
182.00 cm
141.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 1841
Like # 14982
Trash # 161

Milluki Zoldyck is the second eldest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck. Milluki is a seventeen-year-old youth, with short-trimmed middle-parting black hair and black squinty eyes. He is obese due to a lack of physical activities and poor eating habits. He usually wears a dress shirt (pink in the 2011 anime and white in the 1999 anime adaptation), white jeans pants (blue track pants with white stripes in the sides, in the 1999 anime adaptation), and brown shoes. Milluki is short-tempered, selfish and rather immature for his age, still referring to his mother and father as mam and papa, and Illumi as Illu-nii or "Big brother Illumi". He often fights with his younger brother, Killua. He is an otaku, who has not left the Zoldyck Family estate since the age of 10. Milluki has a perfidious side, prompting a tourist to refuse Alluka's request for no reason. However, he is also a coward, as he is too afraid of Killua to seriously displease him, or of his father and grandfather to disobey them. Unlike his other siblings, Milluki spends the majority of his time in his bedroom playing with his computers. He takes great pride in his manga, anime, video games, and figurine collection. He even threatened to kill Killua, if he ever laid a finger on his figurine collection.

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