Original Name
源 頼光
Romaji Name
Minamoto no Raikō
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
175.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 600
Like # 541
Trash # 1264

Minamoto-no-Raikou, Class Name Berserker, is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She is also summoned by Leila Raidou in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail. An elegant, virtuous and glamorous woman in the prime of her youth. While a cool-headed military woman, Raikou is also a beautiful woman overflowing with tolerance. Surely the personification of maternal love. She has very long hair, which she ties at the very end. She appears to wear some kind of a latex bodysuit, with a piece of cloth draped over her chest, with a heart-shaped insignia, linked to her collar. A similar piece of cloth is found over her crotch, tied by a rope around her waist. Raikou possesses some armor in the form of tight gauntlets and grieves, elbow and knee-length respectively. Her Katana is seen sheathed, connected to her by another sort of rope. In her second Ascension, the collar and cloth over her chest are removed, revealing her breasts and the knot-work of the rope-like strings tied around her body. A quiver holding a set of arrows appears joined by her right hip, and her left hand now holds a tall bow. In her third Ascension, she obtains samurai armor in the form of long shoulder pads, and now possesses head ornaments on each side, which resemble unfolded fans. Her right hand now holds her katana. Kijyo Koyo says that Raikou resembles her grandfather, Minamoto no Tsunemoto. Raikou is a diligent career soldier, but she becomes a doting crybaby prone to worrying when concerning matters related to Kintoki. As a matter of fact, she is passive and introverted. Although she is seen as a person with a good sense to make peace pleasant for everyone, because her true nature (a nature mixed with Divinity) is inhuman, she grasps everything in an overlooking manner, as well as in a big-picture perspective. On the other hand, her affection towards those she came to like is strong, becoming the embodiment of maternal love that “makes the world her enemy if it is for the sake of her child.” For her, a “lover” is equal to “her own child”. The person herself does not really notice how out of sync that way of perceiving things is. During moments where she looks after Kintoki, Raikou would not say that she had said “Kintoki. I will discipline you not as your older sister, but as your mother”, among other things. Thereafter, her first pronoun towards Kintoki became “Mother”. Raikou, since birth, has continually suffered for she had thought of herself as something “close to a demon”, even if she has the blood of a god. Below her devotions, such as responding to the expectations of her father, and defending the Imperial Capital, she is constantly bearing a viewpoint that “I am not a human being.” She cannot live as a human being, and she also cannot live as a demonic being. For that sort of Raikou, the encounter with Sakata no Kintoki, who had been backing her up as one of her guardians, and who possesses a similar mixed-race origin much like herself, albeit weaker than her own’s, grew to be a little salvation for her. Raikou swore that “although I cannot become familiar with you as an older sister, I will discipline you as a mother”, and that was also her purpose in not letting Kintoki be exposed to the experience of the same solitude she had suffered. To her father, she was thrown away as unnecessary, and for Raikou, she did not experience maternal love, but the days of disciplining Kintoki as a substitute parent were her only “human days”. Raikou's own mother had died saving her, and having never experienced maternal love for herself she became fixated on her own ideal of what it meant to be a mother. However, her father insisted that she had to act as a man at all times and so she had no choice but to suppress her wishes for motherhood. Such days were also the bygone days, and one day, Kintoki became an adult. A new demon appeared in the Imperial Capital. That was Shuten-douji. Boasting “freedom as a demonic being” and doing as she likes, Shuten-douji enjoyed herself in the world of humans, and that very state was “what I wanted to be.” Disdain. Envy. Jealousy. Yearning. For Raikou, Shuten-douji was a “close stranger” that mixed up her feelings just like that. As for Raikou herself, she did not assail Shuten-douji aggressively compared to the other criminals. Because up to a time, she ascertained that Shuten-douji was an acquaintance of Kintoki from his childhood days. As far as Raikou is concerned, the Master who became her contractor is an earnest salvation that had appeared in the darkness. Continuing from Kintoki, she sees the Master as a person she was fated to meet, who accepted and contracted with her as a demonic being. Speaking of that doting, it is as fierce as it can be. However, given that she has a strong desire to monopolize him or her, she will press a question with a sick look as if she had suffered from one being unfaithful to her, and she will cry immediately if she sees the Master averting his or her gaze. Speaking of her maternal love, it gives off an impression of thoughtfulness, but her maternal love goes way too far, becoming “a conversion of the child into her own possession, and snatching away all of his or her freedom and future.” Although Raikou’s affections are at the stage of insanity, Raikou’s own high intelligence and strong sense of reason does not make this aspect be noticed as such (even to the people in the vicinity, as well as to Raikou herself). Her relationship with her historical children is much more complex, and her own memories of how she came to take care of them are mutually irreconcilable with each other due to history recording her as a man who sired children with many wives. The mere mention of them is enough to cause her to enter a dissociative state (dubbed her "lone warrior mode" by Kintoki) in which she fixates on her duty to destroy the enemies of the Genji to the exclusion of everything else. Said state is highly unstable even for a Berserker, and if she remains in it for too long she will end up destroying her own Spirit Core.

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