Minori Kushieda

Minori Kushieda
Original Name
櫛枝 実乃梨
Romaji Name
Kushieda Minori
Appears In
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 23rd
163.00 cm
54.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 338
Like # 363
Trash # 278

Minori Kushieda is one of the series' female protagonists. She is a student in Class 2-C and the best friend of Taiga Aisaka Her hair is pink-colored amaranth and her eyes are the same color. She is usually shown wearing the school uniform. Occasionally, she is shown wearing jeans with flashy blouses and when she is on her part-time jobs, she wears the uniform of each respectively. Minori is very athletic and is the captain of the girl's softball club at school, and, in the later part of the series, the captain of the merged boys and girls softball team. Her energy is a never-ending flow, and this energy is extremely shown in her personality. She is usually cheerful, if not always and knows exactly how to turn a mistake into a thing to be happy about or laughed at. At the same time, she holds many part time jobs, like a mobile phone stylist, a waitress at a family restaurant, a clerk at a convenience store, as well as roles at a shabu-shabu joint and a karaoke box. Later on in the series, she reveals that she is working hard because she does not want to be a hindrance to anyone. Her ultimate goal for saving money is to get into a sports university and aim for the national softball league. She is a glutton when it comes to food, but is also constantly combating with dieting, calling herself a 'diet warrior'. This (again) reflects her energetic personality.

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