Minoru Mineta Husbando

Minoru Mineta
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Kanagawa Prefecture
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October 8th
108.00 cm
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Minoru Mineta, also known as the Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Minoru is a short teenage boy with a large, round head and rather puffy cheeks. His nose is small, stubby, and points slightly upwards, and he has an unusually distinguishable philtrum, oval-shaped eyes with large, black pupils, and notably thin eyebrows. He has a head of short dark purple hair with four large ball-shaped clumps resembling a mohawk. His hero costume is simplistic, consisting only of a purple shirt and mask with a yellow cape, boots, and gloves. His pants are white with a lighter purple trim and stick out quite a lot around his waist. Before the Joint Training Battle, he added a stem-like detail propped up on his hair, contributing to the grape theme of his costume. Minoru is timid but perverted to the point of infamy, which makes him unpopular with the girls and even some of the boys, who consider his interests and mannerisms depraved and rude. His mind frequently trails off to lewd thoughts, even in completely unrelated situations. When an opportunity to peep at the girls arises, Minoru becomes determined to take it, although this often leads to painful results. Minoru's interest in women is one of his motivations to become a hero, alongside general popularity. He is unashamed of those traits, openly admitting them out loud. Minoru can be hypocritical, criticizing others for perceived perverted behavior, even if they are just misunderstandings. Minoru is one who always speaks his mind, even when it comes off as harsh and insulting due to his comments being more on the cynical side. He also has a more teasing and goading side, even when he's not being perverted and has a habit of jeering at others for fun. However, he is not a bully and expresses fear and concern when others are hurt or in danger. Furthermore, despite his crass attitude, Minoru isn't beyond realizing when he may have offended someone, such as when he apologized to Mezo Shoji for calling him an octopus while the latter explained his past of being abused because of his appearance. Minoru easily freaks out in moments of great stress or fear, acting impulsively, crying when the situation does not look favorable, and abusing his Quirk recklessly, to the point of hurting himself. Minoru could be a more confident fighter and may attempt to flee in highly disadvantageous situations whenever the opportunity presents itself. Minoru is shown to be surprisingly intelligent, able to score very high on tests and be in the top half of Class 1-A's grades, despite being considered a slacker by most of the class. At the same time, though, he also displays a very smug and complacent side whenever his aptitude is noticed, and his confidence often proves to be quite unbalanced: either strongly doubting himself or feeling highly overconfident. Additionally, Minoru can develop creative and competent strategies to achieve victory, pushing through his flaws when needed. This intuition was best seen when he outsmarted Midnight and passed the Practical Exam. Another one of Minoru's ambitions is to be popular, trying everything in his power to be loved by everyone, oblivious of his perverted behavior being the reason for this. His attempts usually fail, as everything he does gets him nowhere in popularity, only being good friends with Denki Kaminari and Izuku Midoriya and having an on-and-off friendship with Tsuyu Asui, while the rest of the class doesn't talk to him often. While Minoru wants to be cool or popular, he is frowned upon by many girls and even some boys due to his personality. Despite his bad qualities and nervousness, Minoru proves he can rise to the occasion when needed. He can showcase his fierce courage and aptitude when it truly matters and can usually be reinforced with encouragement. He shows this most of all during times such as the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam, as well as when he helps his classmates face incredibly powerful and dangerous opponents such as All Might (who was masquerading as a villain), Nine, and Gigantomachia. Minoru can also be just as heroic and selfless as the rest of Class 1-A. During the Final War, even after he and his companions were ruthlessly defeated by All For One himself, he used his remaining strength to plead to the villain to spare his classmate Fumikage Tokoyami and to take his Quirk instead, even though this would have certainly ended his dream of becoming a hero.

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