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Mio, previously known as Black Spider of Calamity, is a main character in this series. She is a unique existence in the Goddess' World. She is presently in servitude of Makoto Misumi. In her human form, Mio has black hair with a red headband knot in bloom and wears a luxurious black and red kimono in the style yukata, further the handle have white frills. However, do not be fooled by her, her kimono still has some defensive power, it can withstand up to a certain point enough to surprise the elders dwarves when it got cut up. She hides her folding fan in her bosom. At a simple glance, it doesn’t look like the type that someone could properly move in. As the "Black Spider of Calamity", she was a giant black spider with razor sharp tips on her legs. Her body restores so fast that you would think that you never injured her. She doesn't talk until she is satiated. She can be single-minded and straightforward in her loyalty to Makoto to the point that it reaches a dangerous level. Can be very instinctual, intelligent, and can learn how to do things quickly like cooking food for Makoto. She has no qualms about destroying anyone who intends to do harm to Makoto, regardless of their identity, position, or background. Before meeting Makoto, she was insane with trying to satisfy her hunger, preventing her from expressing herself in any manner. Mio is somewhat weak to flattery; someone who she perceives as annoying can immediately change from being a nuisance to being a pleasant person to talk to if they flatter her (as long as they are not an enemy to Makoto).

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