Miorine Rembran

Miorine Rembran
Original Name
Romaji Name
Miorine Renburan
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
150.00 cm
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Popularity # 10130
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Trash # 19340

Miorine Rembran, is the deuteragonist of Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. She is the President of GUND-ARM, Inc. and the daughter of the Benerit Group's President, Delling Rembran. She is enrolled at the Asticassia School of Technology, of which her father chairs, and is an academically distinguished second-year student in the management strategy department. Unlike other students, she has no house and lives in her father's old office at the school. Miorine was the type of person who constantly tried to appear cynical and unflappable in order to assert her independence and never showed any weakness that would make her appear sensitive. She defiantly protested against any attempts to manage her life and make any fateful decisions for her, constantly insulting her father—often calling him "lousy father"—for managing her life or even directly entering into a public argument with him in raised tones. Whenever Miorine felt that a situation was offensive or unfair to her, she always spoke up about it without any attempt to smooth the language. Refusing to put up with the state of affairs, Miorine regularly tried to escape from the Academy to Earth, or at least manage the life imposed on her, during which she sometimes showed similar traits to her father, dragging Suletta into her fight against her father without really asking her opinion, or hiring all the members of Earth House as GUND-ARM, Inc. employees, only formally notifying them about it later. Miorine justifiably studied at the management strategy, showing a cold mind, excellent leadership qualities and business acumen. Nevertheless, this was only an external Miorine, behind which there was a someone who was quite capable of sincere feelings and empathy. e.g. Miorine without hesitation fed Suletta her mother's important tomato, simply because she was hungry, without positioning it as a payment for her salvation, making it clear that these tomatoes were very personal to her and symbolize the memory of a deceased parent . She also showed genuine concern for her father, literally trying to shield him with her body from attack at a critical moment, only formally continuing to sound offensive This aspect of her manifested itself even in small things; when she visibly faltered when she heard that it was the feelings for her that were the real motivation for Shaddiq's actions. This side of Miorine, perhaps her true personality, wa shown only those closest to her and often in the aforementioned critical situations. A striking example of this was that she decided to step over her pride and ask her father for help only after Prospera caustically mocked her claims to independence despite the privilleges she had as a result of her father, or by opening up and confessing to Suletta that she was very important to her only at the very last moment, when the latter had already managed to convince herself that she was an insignificant person whom no one really loved.

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