Mira Kamiunten

Mira Kamiunten
Original Name
上運天 美羅
Romaji Name
Kamiunten Mira
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 21st
170.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 12250
Like # 10924
Trash # 24290

Mira Kamiunten is the Anti-Demon Corps' 2nd Unit Chief. Mira is a tall, well-endowed young woman with long dark yellow hair that appears to reach her back as well as seeming spikier near the end with three black lightning bolt lines on the sides of her hair, and orange eyes, earrings, and black collar. As the 2nd Unit Chief, she is often dressed in her Anti-Demon Corps uniform, which consists of a navy blue militia long coat, a cap with red highlights, white gloves, long baggier pants, calf-high boots. Uniquely, Mira wears her coat opened up with her stomach and breast being bound using white wrappings. At first, Mira comes off as aggressive and vulgar, cursing whilst confronting fellow colleagues such as Kyouka, who is a fellow rival for the Commander's seat. It is often noted as the two stands face-to-face before one another, even pressing their breasts against each other during a lot of their conversations. Despite the fact she looks like a delinquent, she is kind and generous in her own way, such as waiting for Kyouka so that she could congratulate her on getting her revenge on the One-Horned Shuuki, then fixing Yuuki's shoelace and posture before heading into the meeting. As a gang leader, Mira has a deep sense of camaraderie, noticing that Kyouka and Tenka were hiding something during the meeting to the point of willingly offer help at any time of their choosing. Mira is also strong-willed, unwilling to back down in the face of danger and was able to briefly take control one of Kuusetsu's clone. However her camaraderie is limited to women, whereas she showed no shame in entering the same shower as Kyouka and offering to bath her back, the opposite occurs when Yuuki ended up seeing her half-naked. It was shown again after witnessing Kyouka giving Yuuki his reward, acting like a regular girl.

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