Mirai Momoyama

Mirai Momoyama
Original Name
桃山 みらい
Romaji Name
Momoyama Mirai
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 12th
150.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 25121
Like # 23995
Trash # 24857

Mirai Momoyama is the main protagonist of Kiratto Pri☆Chan. At the start of season 3, she was a 3rd-year student at Kirarigaoka Middle School, but as of episode 153, she became a high school student. She is the childhood friend of Emo Moegi. She is a lovely-type idol, whose preferred brand is Sweet Honey. Her catchphrase is “Kiratto☆”. Mirai is a young girl with round, feminine light indigo eyes flecked with sky blue. She has long, peach-pink hair worn up in a ponytail that curls on end, matching her shoulder-length forelocks. Her bangs are shaped into three sections to frame her face, with a single, curled cowlick sticking up in a side. She usually wears cute and feminine clothes when she's not wearing her school uniform. She's a sweet and energetic ordinary girl, who is kind of clumsy as shown in the series. She's always thinking about how she can support her friends whenever they feel blue. She usually uses her strongest weapon called the "Kira Smile", something she inherited from her mother (although her mother's is used in anger), to make others cheer up and smile. At the start of the show, she used to be dragged into things by her more lively friend Emo, due to her desire not to be an imposition on others. As the show continued on, she has started to take the initiative as shown with the Jewel Auditions and Princess Cup. She has the ability to find traits in other people that make them shine.

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