Mirai Shishio

Mirai Shishio
Original Name
獅子王 未来
Romaji Name
Shishiō Mirai
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 31st 2006
139.00 cm
29.00 kg
Blood Type
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Mirai Shishio is the little sister of Tsukasa Shishio. Having been healed from a long coma by the Petrification, she joins the Kingdom of Science and becomes friends with Suika and Namari. Mirai is a young girl with bobbed blonde hair and short bangs. She has a round face and large brown eyes, with thin dark eyebrows. Her skin is pale. Her petrification scar is a jagged line in the shape of a halo around the crown of her head. Her primary outfit is similar to Yuzuriha's, having been designed to be put on her before she was depetrified, and was also made by Yuzuriha. It consists of a sleeveless orange dress with navy blue ribboning down the sides, ending mid-thigh. The dress has a fur collar similar to Tsukasa's lion pelt, but is much smaller and tied at the front with the same blue ribbon as her dress. Her shoes are sack-like, tied at the ankle with darker brown soles similar to the ones worn by the others of the Tsukasa Empire. She is loyal to her brother, and after hearing the story of how he tended to her, she sought to repay it by staying by his side. As she is still a child, she has a natural curiosity and gets excited by new things. This was seen when she took part in the Kingdom of Science's way of life with inventions.

bangs blonde hair bob cut brown eyes coma japanese loli medium breasts short
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