Mirellia Q Melromarc

Mirellia Q Melromarc
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Mireru Q Meruromaruku
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Mirellia Q Melromarc, commonly referred to as the Queen, is the previous Queen of Melromarc who holds the true power behind the throne. She is generally a just ruler who is known for her diplomatic and negotiating skills. After her death, her second daughter, Melty Q Melromarc, the crown princess, succeeded the throne and became the new Queen of Melromarc. Mirellia is a beautiful, fair-skinned woman with purple hair tied in a bob with collarbone-length bangs, purple eyes, and pale purple lipstick. She is normally in her intricately-decorated royal gown, with what appears to be a bronze breastplate. She has a regal presence that commands the attention of everyone around her. Compared to her husband, Aultcray Melromarc XXXII, Mirellia is a more benevolent and proficient ruler who puts her duty as queen above all. She is realistic, strategic, cunning, and political, using whatever means available to control a situation. She is manipulative but puts her skills to more benevolent use, which she puts to use in maintaining foreign relations. Mirellia's character can best be seen in how she treats her daughters, Malty and Melty. Through Malty, we see the queen's pragmatism. She is willing to use even her children to further her goals, examples being using Malty as part of her plan to entrap The Church of the Three Heroes, then stripping her of royal status and branding her a slave. She also shows a sadistic side when she gave Malty - whose name was changed to Trash - a long list of humiliating punishments. Like Melty, though, she is wise, compassionate, and will not hesitate to help when needed. Mirellia acts more as a queen to her family than a wife and mother, but that isn't to say she doesn't care for them: she treasures her family deep in her heart, even the unbearably wicked Malty. Unlike most of her people, she didn't discriminate against demi-humans and tried to improve their status in Melromarc. As noted by Naofumi Iwatani, she is the only person in the castle to treat Demi-Humans properly. She loves the legends of the original four heroes and doesn't share the view of her nation's religion. She was disappointed in the current generation heroes for not living up to the name. Mirellia also has a love of Filolials, something that she would pass on to Melty. She is especially fond of the Filolial Queen Fitoria, to the point where her professionalism vanishes at the mention of her.

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