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Miriel is a member of Chrom's Shepherds. She is the mother of Laurent and a potential mother of Morgan. In Chapter 2, Miriel arrives at the Northroad shortly after the Shepherds engage a group of Risen soldiers. Upon entering the fray, Miriel stumbles upon a lost axe on the ground and decides to hold onto it until she could find its owner. Upon learning that the owner is none other than Vaike, she proceeds to chastise him before returning him his axe, where she warns him to keep track of his belongings or risk having it forcefully attached to his hands by magic. In Paralogue 14, Miriel and the Shepherds arrive at the Desert Oasis after hearing about the supposed "Mirage Villages." Piquing Miriel's interest, if she visits the southwestern mirage village, Miriel will encounter Laurent, who recognizes her even though she does not remember any sort of meeting between the two. Laurent offers to accompany her during her research of the villages, which she accepts. After the map is cleared, Miriel is approached by Laurent once more, who asks her about his performance in battle. Though she bluntly points out his flaws, he makes up for it from skill developed through hard work. Appreciative for her praise, Laurent calls her mother and shows her a carbon copy of her ring that he had received from her in the future. Though Miriel claims that the possibility lies that the ring is inconclusive proof as Laurent may be a thief who may have stolen it from from her said child, Miriel does not deny that Laurent is possibly her son. Miriel, for the time being, accepts that he is possibly her son and wishes to inquire whether or not he truly is her son, together. After the war, Miriel will continue with her studies, often disappearing for days upon her latest discoveries. In her final years, her research cumulates with an invention of extreme importance, though the said invention is not made clear to the player.

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