Misaki Kamiigusa

Misaki Kamiigusa
Original Name
上井草 美咲
Romaji Name
Kamiigusa Misaki
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 14th
156.00 cm
46.00 kg
Blood Type
87.00 cm
56.00 cm
86.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 1603
Like # 1499
Trash # 2742

Misaki Kamiigusa is the former resident of room 201. Misaki is a third-year-student of Suiko who later attends Suimei University of the Arts. She is very good at drawing, but the school decided to send her to Sakurasou Dormitory because she pays too much attention on drawing anime and manga. She creates animations and can handle most of the work herself. She has feelings for Jin Mitaka and acts very open to express her feelings, but Jin turns a blind eye to this and dates many other girls, which can make her very depressed. Sooner or later, she gets married to Jin (which now makes her Misaki Mitaka) and moves into a house next to the Sakurasou Dormitory after her graduation fulfilling her dream of becoming a housewife. Misaki is a slightly short girl with short, light brown hair with messy bangs and big, round, light brown eyes. Misaki has a childish, bubbly, outgoing and energetic personality with a wild imagination which lets her get along with new people. She also has a sense of humor, but most of them usually leads to something "vulgar". But later on, Misaki shows her soft side and she can take things seriously like her animations and when it comes to the one she loves. She occasionally refers to herself as an alien, which explains her outrageous acts sometimes.

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