Misao Makimachi

Misao Makimachi
Original Name
Makimachi Misao (巻町 操), weasel girl,
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Edo (Feudal Japan aka Nippon)
Date of Birth
November 24th 1863
149.00 cm
36.75 kg
Blood Type
70.00 cm
63.50 cm
83.82 cm
Popularity # 6115
Like # 5449
Trash # 10949

Makimachi Misao is a teenage kunoichi and the youngest member of the Kyoto-based Oniwabanshū aka Oniwaban Group. She is petite young woman with an athletic build and small bust. Her large, greenish-blue eyes accompanied with her optimistic demeanor and tom-boyish attributes make her quite the female fatal. Her long black messy hair reaches to her chin while her beautifully braided pony-tail glides down her back all the way to her tight little rump. She adorns the deep blue Onmitsu garb (meaning a with a sleeveless tunic and short shorts) that are bordered with a pale blue. Her matching bevelled ninja wrist guards and shin protecting bindings is all the armour she wears. Her white shinobi tabi, tan zori sandals and cute pink obi (sash) with a complimentary, neatly tied giant bow are the only fashionable accessories she has procured. Her hand to hand tempo training, acrobatic movement and kunai mastery make her an asset to any ally she chooses to help. Misao's greatest attributes are summed up in her high spirited sometimes head-strong attitude. Which although comedic at times demonstrates her most admirable qualities of honesty, loyalty and a strong sense of justice.

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