Misato Kuroi

Misato Kuroi
Original Name
黒井 美里
Romaji Name
Kuroi Misato
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Misato Kuroi is a supporting character in the Gojo's Past Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen. In 2006, she was the caretaker of the Star Plasma Vessel Riko Amanai. Mistao is a fit woman with has dark eyes with thin eyebrows, and long black hair that she ties into a bun while styling the front of it into two bangs. Misato's caretaker uniform is similar to a maid's outfit. She covers her bun with a bun cover and the rest of her uniform consists of a black dress with a blade skirt and a with a white collared shirt underneath it, dark leggings, and a white apron. While in Okisawa, Misato wore a swim suit to the beach. Misato is a kind woman who cares deeply for Riko beyond a professional level. They love one another as family and Misato is extremely loyal to her. She will fight fiercely to protect her and helped Suguru and Satoru understand that she is a kind girl.

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