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Misha Necron is in the family line of Ivis Necron, one of the Seven Demon Elders who control the demon race. She is Sasha's younger twin sister, but for some reason, she is treated as a mixed-blood demon. She is one of the main female heroines of the series along with her sister Sasha. Misha is a young girl with pale skin, white hair, and big blue eyes that fade into a lighter color at the end. Her hair is short and messy, but also has long bangs in the front. She is also slightly taller and curvier than Sasha. Misha's school uniform consists of the standard white uniform for mixed-bloods and a Hexagram badge. She also wears two hair ribbons with a blue diamond at the tip, long grey socks, and white boots. When Misha combines with Sasha to form Aisha, her hair becomes longer and their attire becomes a long white dress. Misha is a quiet girl who speaks in short sentences and isn't very assertive, especially when compared to her more hotheaded sister Sasha. Due to being labelled as a "magic doll", she was shunned by other demons, making her feel lonely and isolated. Misha was aware that she would disappear in her 15th birthday, so she wanted to make some memories before ceasing to exist. She was very happy to have met Anos, her very first friend, which is why she deeply treasures the memories they have together. Misha is also very perceptive about the feelings of others, as she was able to see that Sasha didn't truly hate her despite Sasha's actions, as well as seeing Eleonore's sadness despite her natural cheerful personality. As the series progresses, Anos starts asking Misha what she thinks he feels, showing that he has great trust in her observational abilities.

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