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Mist is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She is Ike's younger sister, and the daughter of Greil and Elena. She fights with the Greil Mercenaries out of a fear of being separated from her brother, using healing magic taught to her by Rhys. When the Medallion reaches its critical state, Mist is the only beorc to be affected by its call, and collapses in a similar manner to the Herons. Mist possesses a cheerful demeanor that speaks from the heart, and enjoys helping others as best she can. This has lead her to attempt to carry out certain tasks that she is not necessarily good at, with examples including cooking and sewing. Mist often makes valiant efforts to befriend others, as can be observed through her making meals for Jill and striking up conversations with Mordecai. She harbors a deep love for her family, where she tears up whenever she discusses her deceased father, alongside striving to stay close to Ike in a bid to prevent him from leaving her. Despite the resolve that Mist has, however, she simply abhors fighting, but is able to understand that doing so is key in protecting her loved ones. Though she has the gentle face and demeanor inherited from her mother, she has a fiery determination that burns once pressed to decide on something important, passed on by her father. This leads to her having the tendency to fly into tremendous outbursts of anger at times, specifically towards those who have harmed her family, such as the Black Knight.

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