Mitsuki Mononobe

Mitsuki Mononobe
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物部 深月
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March 3rd
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Mitsuki Mononobe (物部 深月, Mononobe Mitsuki) is one of the main female characters in the Unlimited Fafnir series. She is a D, Student No 3 of Brynhildr Class, the Student Body President and Captain of the Dragon Subjugation Squad with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, along with being Yuu Mononobe's adoptive sister. Mitsuki is portrayed as a young pretty girl of average height with blue eyes. Yuu describes her as having snow-white skin, gorgeous long black hair and petite, yet beautifully shaped, breasts. She is usually clad in Midgard Academy's standard female uniform, wears black colored knee socks and heels and a light blue scrunchy is tied onto the left side of her hair. Her dragon mark is situated on the back of her neck. Mitsuki is shown to have a rather professional and mature attitude, even when speaking with her brother, taking her role as the Student Body President and Captain of the Dragon Subjugation Squad very seriously. During her speeches to the student body, she displayed a fair amount of charisma and is shown to be quite popular with the students. She is also calm and collected during battles, along with being a capable strategist. However, she tends to shoulder all responsibilities by herself and blames herself whenever things go wrong, as was shown in Miyako's case. However, this attitude is toned down a bit after Basilisk is defeated and Lisa forgives her for what happened to Miyako. According to Yuu, Mitsuki is quite stubborn and has a competitive streak, along with suffering from a mild case of eighth-grade syndrome. When she was younger, Mitsuki spoke in a more childish manner. She also came off as shy, introverted and disliked showing herself in public. These aspects of her personality were gone after the incident with Miyako.

archer bangs black hair blue eyes captain childish colonel fair skin hairband introvert lieutenant long hair shy small breasts student student body president
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