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Mitsurugi Kyouya
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Mitsurugi Kyouya is a Japanese citizen who was reincarnated to the fantasy world like Kazuma. He is one of Belzerg's mightiest adventurers who wields the legendary cursed sword Gram. Along with his looks, Kyouya's personality reinforces his 'prince charming' characteristics even more. Idealistic, heroic, noble, and well-meaning, he has the character of a stereotypical hero of a traditional fantasy story or RPG, and is a foil to Kazuma. In the fantasy world though, while he's successful in standard protagonist-esque endeavors such as dragon slaying, fate does not do him any favors with Kazuma and his party; many of their encounters tend to end in misfortune for him. His chivalrous nice guy character does not do much to endear him to others either, and many of the girls he interacts with perceive him as creepy, intrusive, and self-absorbed. Due to the way Aqua presented her offer of reincarnation, he believes that he is the main character and chosen one of the story. Mitsurugi lived in Japan before discovering a new life in the fantasy world. Before the beginning of the main series, Aqua sent him to the fantasy world with the Cursed Sword Gram as his gift. By the time he meets Kazuma, he has already made a name for himself as a well-regarded hero and gained a pair of female admirers who follow and regularly bicker over him.

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