Miyako Saitou

Miyako Saitou
Original Name
斎藤 ミヤコ
Romaji Name
Saitō Miyako
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Miyako Saitou is a major supporting character in the Oshi no Ko manga series. She is the current president of Ichigo Production, Inc and the adoptive mother of Aqua Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino. Introduced as the wife of Strawberry's former president Ichigo Saitou, she initially hated being the twins' caretaker but she grew to genuinely love them over time, taking them in after their mother passed away. She is especially close with Ruby, supporting her aspirations of becoming an idol like her mother by lending her the agency's resources. Miyako is a radiant-skinned woman with upper-back length strawberry-blonde hair that has bangs hanging on the left side and rouge-colored eyes (Rouge is the French word for "red"). She is initially stated to be a young wife and thus can be assumed to be in her mid to late 30s by the time Aqua Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino start high school. Miyako was seen wearing two different clothing styles: Her initial appearance shows wearing extravagant clothing to represent her vain and Gold Digger mindset. After becoming more mature and kinder following Ai Hoshino's death, she is always shown wearing casual clothing to reflect her new motherly and work-driven self. Initially, Miyako appears to be a shallow woman who married her husband Ichigo Saitou in order to meet hot actors. She was hot-headed and resentful of being made the twins' caretaker, hastily deciding to sell Ai Hoshino's scandal before the twins stepped in to stop her. She is also shown to be somewhat of a pushover, as the twins are capable of manipulating her into going along with their whims. However, Miyako gradually showed a more responsible and compassionate side as she took care of the Hoshino twins and proved crucial to maintaining Ai's secret life. This culminates in her adopting them both after Ai's death, at which point she is shown to be a loving and dutiful mother who is specifically stated to be soft on Ruby Hoshino. Professionally, she demonstrates great ability in managing Ichigo Production, Inc through a moment of struggle, pivoting away from the idol business and allowing the company to stay in business for over a decade, despite her lack of experience and connections. She is also quite perceptive, being able to figure out that Mem-Cho is actually older than she claims to be, a fact no one else had discovered by that point, even Aqua Hoshino wasn't capable and was seen surprised by this.

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