Yoshikazu Miyano Husbando

Yoshikazu Miyano
Original Name
宮野 由美
Romaji Name
Miyano Yoshikazu
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 22nd
Blood Type
Submitted By
Beni Esc??
Popularity # 24014
Like # 22602
Trash # 27666

Miyano Yoshikazu is one of the two eponymous main characters of Sasaki and Miyano. As a self-proclaimed fudanshi, he enjoys sharing his passion for BLs with his sempai, Sasaki Shuumei, as they get to know each other better. Miyano is fair-skinned and short in stature, with relatively feminine features. He has large brown eyes, short curly black hair with long bangs, and a mole under his left eye. Although he is quite short, his father's height of 188 cm still gives him hope (although his mother is only 152 cm tall). He also has a mole on his right arm that he says may have been inherited from his mother. Miyano normally wears his school uniform: a white button down shirt without a tie, long navy blue pants, and a navy blue jacket. He also sometimes wears a light blue sleeveless sweater or a dark blue one with long sleeves instead. In cooler times, he wears a light brown duffle coat with darker toggle buttons, and a light and dark purple plaid scarf. Miyano is not terribly outgoing, but not very shy either, with a fair few close friends and good relationships with his classmates. While he is extremely indecisive on things he is uncertain about, he is gung-ho once he makes up his mind. He is thoughtful and polite, never dropping honorifics with his seniors, though he is by no means a pushover. Miyano is quite sensitive about his feminine features, due to his past experiences with classmates gently teasing him for looking 'girly' and the girl he had a crush on suggesting that he crossdress. While he has matured to look slightly more masculine than before, he struggles to overcome this complex concerning his looks. While he does speak of events as if they were potential BL scenarios, it is also something he likes to keep to himself. Similarly, he is happy to discuss BLs with Sasaki, but only when they are alone. What he is comfortable with depends on who else is concerned, and the setting he is in.

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