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Miyuki Shiba
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Shiba Miyuki is the main female protagonist of the "The Irregular in Magic High School" light novel and animated series. She is the biological sister of the main protagonist, Shiba Tatsuya and just like him, is a student of First High School. The spin-off manga, Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei, has Miyuki as the main protagonist, depicting her point-of-view in a timeline parallel to when the original series began. Miyuki is described as a lovely, beautiful girl who captivates whoever sets their eyes on her. Her arms and legs are slim, slender without looking too unhealthy. It was mentioned by Mayumi that the number of perfectly symmetrical features in Miyuki was overwhelming to the point that "her confidence in herself wavered." This might be caused by her magic prowess which is very formidable and greatly balanced. Miyuki has noted that her features are not entirely similar to that of her family. Her figure has become more defined and curvaceous over her first two years spent at Magic High and has developed a much more mature appearance in her last year at First High. Because of her openness, modesty, well-brought up manners and behavior, coupled with her lovely, beautiful appearance, Miyuki is popular not just among male freshmen students of their school, but also among females and upperclassmen, and even to magicians from other schools and outsiders that may or may not follow the Nine School Competitions' news. Outsiders or strangers will normally be rendered speechless or flustered by her presence. Her speech and movement patterns are completely different from Tatsuya's, something their deceased mother should be given credit for, and she is referred as a real Yamato Nadeshiko which is a Japanese term meaning the "personification of an idealized Japanese woman", or "the epitome of pure, feminine beauty". Miyuki's beauty has been emphasised and acknowledged by most of the characters in the series, both male and female, as unparalled. Even Tatsuya, who is her brother, cannot help but be enthralled by her, despite his limited emotions. It could be said that because she might be the only person to whom he still has natural affection for before his emotions were removed years ago, thus, he is still susceptible to her. The only character that has ever been mentioned as having beauty rivaling Miyuki's was Lina. Miyuki has a slightly mischievous side to her. She teases both Mikihiko and Mizuki about the way they talk to each other in the middle of the war zone during the Scorched Halloween event. She once purposefully acted over-affectionately with her brother in order to mess with Mizuki, Erika, and Leo (It apparently had a great effect on Mizuki as she became completely lost in her dream world). However, she has been constantly revealed to harbour forbidden feelings for Tatsuya, even lamenting once on the fact that she was born as his little sister, clearly indicating that she wishes to have a romantic relationship with him. The thought and recommendations of marrying another boy repulses and disgusts Miyuki to a large extent. It is not a biological issue, so something like dancing was still acceptable to her. However, in Miyuki’s heart, the only one who was allowed to touch her intimately is Tatsuya. Although Miyuki is willing to do her duty and marry for the sake of the family, his revulsion she feels extends to the point that any marriage the family forced upon her would simply be a chaste contract marriage, with the obligatory offspring manufactured at Institute Four and then raised by a nanny. The only one who could do as he wished with her was Tatsuya himself alone. Her love for her brother comes to such an extent that she is willing to offer her heart, body and soul to Tatsuya. For her, "no matter if it was her body or heart, everything that she has belonged to Onii-sama." As a candidate, and before becoming officially in Volume 16 to be the future head of the Yotsuba clan, she is used to and is even often displeased with flattery and compliments since many of these are coated with a mix of jealousy, envy, and malicious intent. However, she is always filled with bliss whenever Tatsuya compliments her abilities and often seeks to please him. Miyuki is extremely sensitive when it comes to her brother's whereabouts and who he hangs out with. She vehemently dislikes the fact that people do not see her brother's real worth and states it openly, but she is often brushed off as being biased. She also feels very guilty and laments the fact that she is the reason her brother has to be 'chained' but is conflicted as she also feels selfish since that is the only way for him to be hers. Thus, she becomes careful to ask anything of the Yotsuba so as to prevent the clan from making Tatsuya do their bidding and prevent them from restricting Tatsuya's freedom in case he chooses to revolt. Miyuki gains great pleasure and satisfaction in meticulously taking care of Tatsuya. In place of her brother, it is Miyuki who often gets angry whenever people look down on Tatsuya. She also gets irked and jealous several times when other girls crowd around Tatsuya, mostly due to her own feelings for him. She is happy that there are people to see him for what he is worth but is sadden that others are able to horde his time. While she can control her actions at times like this, she often uncontrollably reduces the temperature around her due to her inability to control her magic when she's agitated. It isn't limited to her jealousy but instead whenever she has strong emotions (when she tries to calm down in order to not "go causing a frost on the beach in Okinawa in the middle of summer"). Like Tatsuya, it seems Miyuki puts him as the center of her world and always put him before herself in any matter, but for her it’s out of authenticity and not forced like him. Likewise, because Miyuki is afraid one day they will have to be separated due to various reasons and just like how normal sibling would be parted once they are grown up, she intentionally put on an act in front of her brother by not being overly smart, not showing her real maturity, letting Tatsuya thinks her as a good girl, a soft and unreliable sister, so that he would never think of the line "My sister doesn't need me anymore...". This is the notion that shows how much she feels about the results of the operation conducted by her mother that caused Tatsuya to own her as his only source of emotions and her own feelings towards Tatsuya. She wants her brother to stay with her for as long as they can, that she does not care even if others have seen her as an undependable sister. All in all, Miyuki actually has wears a facade that sometimes disguised her true personalities and opinions on every matter in the series, especially when in the presence of her brother. Ever since Tatsuya saved Miyuki from dying after being shot in Okinawa, she has devoted her life and service to him. As a result, her personality, everything that she does/has done, how she acts/thinks, how she interacts with others, what she is involved in or what her personality is like, etc. is because of Tatsuya. In short, everything involving/revolving around her, good or bad, is because of her feelings for Tatsuya.

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