Moe Kamiji

Moe Kamiji
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 18th
169.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Ilysias Blaike
Popularity # 2006
Like # 1820
Trash # 4279

Moe Kamiji, also known as Burnin is a Pro Hero and is one of the over thirty sidekicks who work at the Endeavor Agency. Moe is a young woman who has big red-orange eyes and pointy teeth. Her most distinguishable feature is her long, flaming yellowish-green hair, with two bangs on each side, and a wider bang going from the center of her forehead to the right. The ends of her fingers are also notably pointed. She wears a light-gray double-breasted mini dress with orange and black lining and slits on both sides of the skirt. Her collar, belt, and wrist guards are black with a smaller orange line, and the silver buttons resemble flat-headed screws. She also wears a belt with a temperature gauge on the front and a fire extinguisher on the back, black knee-high socks, and short black boots. Her mask is black, similar to that of Katsuki Bakugo, and is connected to a red headband. As her hero name would suggest, Moe possesses a burning hot personality. She is very enthusiastic and her fiery personality tends to clash with Katsuki's.

tomboy bangs enthusiastic fair skin fire powers green hair japanese large breasts long hair orange eyes sharp teeth superhero garterbelt masked short eyebrows sidekicks adult
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