Moegi Kazamatsuri

Moegi Kazamatsuri
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kazamatsuri Moegi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 8th
165.00 cm
22.00 kg
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Popularity # 3924
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Trash # 1709

Moegi Kazamatsuri is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. In Part I, Moegi, like the rest of the members of the Konohamaru Ninja Squad, wore goggles just like Naruto did when he was an academy student. She has orange hair tied up, with red elastics, into two very large pigtails. She also has a perpetual blush. In Part I, she wears a red tank-top over a pink t-shirt layered at the bottom; her pants are grey and she wears the traditional ninja sandals. In Part II, she still has her pigtails but wears a Konohagakure forehead protector. Her outfit is a sleeveless purple vest over a violet t-shirt. Moegi also has on a layered skirt with mid thigh boots. In adulthood, Moegi wears her large pigtails hanging down. She has bangs that come down to frame her face and also outgrew her perpetual blush. She wears a sleeveless pink shirt with a red ribbon on her neck. She also has a black bracelet on her left wrist and small ring earrings. As an active jōnin, Moegi wears a dark sleeveless jumpsuit that comes down to the knees and a light vest over. She also uses her Konoha forehead protector around her neck, a dark bracelet on each wrist and high-heeled sandals. Her eyes also appear more purple in colour. She is quite optimistic, free spirited and very confident. She has been described as being spoiled and determined. In Part II, she has become a lot more like Sakura, shown most prominently when Konohamaru Sarutobi performed his Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique. While Sakura Haruno became infuriated, before she had the chance, Moegi punched him saying that it was ridiculous to create a technique as useless as that, more so than performing it in front of a woman. She frequently has to correct Konohamaru for his perverted behaviour, though she genuinely cares for him. During Pain's assault on Konoha, she showed the utmost bravery, seen when she saved a boy, and even willingly threw herself between him and Pain's summon. In her adulthood, Moegi has become quite strict, becoming easily angered by her team's childish antics or if they step out of line, such as when they willingly abandoned their mission to capture Team Konohamaru and instead joined them in search for the missing Mitsuki. She also often teases her former teammate Konohamaru by constantly taunting him about his brother-like relationship with his subordinate Boruto Uzumaki, and how the younger Uzumaki often disobeys him due to their more familiar relationship.

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