Moeka Kiryu

Moeka Kiryu
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kiryū Moeka
Appears In
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 6th 1990
167.00 cm
54.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 591
Like # 1185
Trash # 114

Moeka Kiryu is a part-time editor whom Rintaro Okabe encounters in Akiba. She is practically glued to her phone and cannot function without it. Even when face to face, Moeka prefers to communicate by email, to the point where if her phone is taken away, she will almost refuse to speak until her phone is returned. She is searching for the legendary retro PC known as the IBN 5100. Moeka is an attractive, elegant and stoic pale-skinned woman with light nut-brown hair, pink-amber eyes and a tall, slender profile. Usually seen with a purple phone and rectangular glasses. Moeka has a stylish sense of fashion, with her outfit consisting of a white button up top with black arm cutouts, a black belt with a checkered buckle, a short black skirt, and black heels. Her Rounder uniform consists of a black jumpsuit, black boots and a black belt. She also ties her hair to make it easier to move. Personality wise, Moeka is quiet, absent-minded, reserved, has difficulties interacting with people, and seen to be expressionless most of the time without actually reacting towards anyone or anything, except for certain situations; her preferred form of communication is via text messages even if the person she is "talking" to is right in front of her. Therefore, Moeka is very protective of her phone and becomes agitated if someone tries to take it from her hands. Never shown to interact with anyone properly, Moeka's maturity has yet to be proportionate with her age, due to a certain turn of events in her past. Thus, Moeka is quite clumsy and the type of person that does not know how to take care of herself. Via mails, Moeka is a cheerful, playful, and confident person, contrasting highly with her real-life personality. She constantly uses kaomoji like "(^ ^)" , "(T_T)" , "(>_<)" and a variety of others, Moeka also uses some netslang expressions like "lmao", "lol" and "orz". Though behaving inexpressive and gloomy in real life, Moeka behaves childish and amusing via mails. Despite this, Moeka does not have confidence, and seems to have an inferiority complex. At heart, behind her expressionless face, Moeka is just a lonely and extremely fragile girl who desperately wants to be accepted and cherished by someone. As she was neglected (or bullied) by every person she met, Moeka became depressed, very sick, and with hints of paranoid personality disorder. Then, FB contacted her and made her feel loved and accepted. Moeka believed that FB was the only one in the world who was a good and accepting person, due to not having anyone that cared about her; the rest of the world to Moeka was empty, devoid of life, and cruel. Thus, she started isolating herself from people, thinking that FB was the only one that could truly understand her and fearing going through her past again. When her relationship with FB, which meant life to Moeka, required her to kill someone, she killed. By taking another’s life, her life retained meaning. While Moeka is capable of carrying out atrocities for acceptance, she strives to be loved and has the potential to be a good person if led in the right direction. This is reflected in Moeka's image song, "To be Loved". In the Gamma, Moeka is very different from the Alpha and Beta’s Moeka. She is very responsible, serious, and incredibly perceptive. One could even call her cold-hearted, since she easily killed, with Okabe, two Europol agents. Moeka can also talk normally without using mails, though she says she's not good with conversations, she apparently has more confidence in herself and isn't so devoted to the person that saved her in this world line. However, she constantly worries about Okabe, as he gave her a reason to live, and saved her life various times. She considers FB and Okabe as her family, and though not realizing, harbors feelings towards the latter. In the Delta timeline, Moeka is much more friendly, though she is still introverted and depressed. She also shows a lot of creativity, as she manages to write a famous romance novel without any experience on it, however, she implies that she used her relationship with Okabe as a base. Moeka is convinced that she is unneeded by everyone, as people always told her that she was an unwanted child, thus making a wall between her and society and not showing anyone her real feelings; not even to Tennouji, who is a father figure to her on this timeline. However, after Okabe makes an unbreakable bond with her, and breaks the wall Moeka made between her and people, she smiles more and start showing more of her feelings; She manages to have a normal and happy life, with Okabe and the Laboratory Members by her side in her route.

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