Momo Chiyoda

Momo Chiyoda
Original Name
千代田 桃
Romaji Name
Chiyoda Momo
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 25th
166.00 cm
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Momo Chiyoda is a 15 year old high school student of Sakuragaoka High School and the deuteragonist of Machikado Mazoku. She is a pink, peach themed magical girl of the Light Clan. She is deemed the weakest among her fellow Light clan magical girls, whereas compared to normal people she is very strong. Even without transforming, she is strong. This is shown in episode 1 of the anime, where Anri mentions that she broke the dynamometer for fitness exam. Momo is a fair-skinned girl with neck-length light-pink hair that she wears two deep pink hairpins (one in her front bang and another in her right bang) with a hair accessory that looks like a heart on the right side and teal colored eyes. Momo is often seen wearing her school uniform accompanied by a pale yellow jacket. She either wears the normal Japanese school student's loafers or light green crocs. In episode 6 where Yuko Yoshida enters Momo's dream, it is seen that Momo had long hair in the past. In her Magical Girl form, her hair is tied into pigtails and her hair accessory is now duplicated into two in both her right and left hair accompanied by three wings outlined pink. She wears a chest length pink top with a deep pink ribbon in the upper center, a peach in the middle. In the middle center of the top, there are wings symbol and separated in the upper, shaping a small triangle. The lower parts are separated to four and are pointy, outlined light pink. Behind the top, there is a big deep pink ribbon which ties has a big peach on the end. Her skirt is frilly, being a gradient of white to almost deep pink. The first frill is white, the second is light pink, the third frill is pink and the fourth is almost deep pink. She wears white thigh length boots with a pink frill in the top and has light pink stripes on the top. The shoes are outlined pink and in the feet area there is a pink flower. On the surface Momo acts calm and stoic, however her true self is quite emotional, though she only shows it to those close to her. She is socially awkward, lazy, easily embarrassed and upset, and rather petty: holding long grudges and taking criticism to heart. However, she is still a kindhearted and loyal person, seeking to help others and caring deeply for her friends. Throughout the series, Momo enjoys helping Shamiko become stronger in all aspects despite Shamiko's goal of defeating her. She has a strong passion for cute things (like cats and Tamasakura-chan) though she never admits it and avoid or derails any subject regarding herself. She is a huge muscle-training enthusiast, placing great value in physical strength, though this passion led her to become quite hotheaded, believing all problems can be solved through force alone. Until she met Shamiko, Momo had shown signs of depression and avoided transforming into a Magical Girl due to personal reasons and lack of motivation, but the time she's spent with Shamiko and the rest of the cast has helped her move on and open up. She has a skill for finding ways to manipulate and exploit situations to her advantage, which are unfitting characteristics for a Magical Girl, however she struggles and is rather quick to give in when situations turn against her favor. Despite this, she continues to support Shamiko in protecting the town.

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