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Morgan (Linfan in the non-English European versions) is a playable child characters in Fire Emblem Awakening. Morgan is the child of Robin and the grandchild of Validar. There are two versions of Morgan; one that is male and one that is female. Only one of these Morgans appear during the events of Awakening, which is determined by the gender of Robin. Morgan's gender is always the opposite of Robin. As Robin can marry any character of the opposite gender, and Morgan's gender will be the opposite of Robin, Male Morgan can be the brother of Lucina while Female Morgan can be the sister of all other children. While sharing their amnesiac condition upon their introduction with Robin, Morgan differs slightly as they do have memories of Robin being their parent. They believe it is because Robin is their idol and aspires to be a tactician much like them. This has them constantly trying to outwit them from juvenile pranks to strategy combat simulations. While Robin remains ahead of them, they admit that Morgan is quickly catching up. Morgan nonetheless adores Robin and loves them dearly, always looking for an opportunity to learn from them and quickly takes any advice they give to them to heart. They have a certain level of innocence and an optimistic outlook of life, willing to see everything good about the world rather than the bad, having a childish enthusiasm and being quick to play with others. Despite this though, they have their own insecurities regarding their memories. Their biggest insecurity is their amnesia, expressing disbelief in their loss of all memory save those for Robin. They are desperate to reclaim any lost memory, especially regarding their other parent, and in the case of Female Morgan, her sibling. This has them using various methods to regain their memory from staring at their parent's face to bashing their heads with wooden posts and books in the hopes of jogging their memories. While their memories are not as clear, they both express delight in any sort of memory they are able to recover during their supports and looks forward to strengthening new memories with their parents and siblings as the war continues. The above describes the basics of their personalities, but they're also given more distinctive traits depending on gender. Female Morgan tends to be more exuberant, outspoken and wacky, and at times is shown to be rather insensitive about the feelings of others; like when she decides to accompany Inigo on a night of the town solely because she wants to watch him crash and burn with the ladies, as well as when she pulls on Yarne's ears despite his protests. She is also a bit of a prankster, as shown in a Hot Spring Scramble talk with Cynthia, where they plan on pranking the people who want to go into the hot springs. Still, she isn't completely heartless, as shown in her Hot Spring Scramble talk with Severa where she listens to her woes and gives her advice. Male Morgan is a bit more mellow (though is still wacky in his own way) and slightly more dorky. He's also more mellow than his female counterpart, being pleasant and helpful with pretty much everybody he talks to, as well as supporting several of the future children who aren't always taken seriously, such as Owain. He also has a love of bugs (though as his supports with Noire and a sibling Lucina reveal, this does not extend to roaches, which terrify and gross him out). Morgan moves around the most and is the most shamelessly self driven out of everyone in the army. Their birthday is May 5.

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