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Morgana is a major playable character from Persona 5. He is a mysterious being with ties to Mementos. He doesn't know who he is, and seeks answers to restore his memories. While investigating Palaces, he encounters the protagonist and would have stuck with him since. During the group's activities as Phantom Thieves, Morgana acts as their second-in-command and guide. To his teammates, he's also known as Mona during missions. Morgana's level-headed, calm and self-reliant, taking missions seriously as well as sharply alert of the Phantom Thieves' circumstances. Morgana also acts as the group's voice of encouragement and reason, in terms of not only preserving their health in moderation, but also especially against an obliviously disapproving public.He's normally a quiet individual and doesn't partake in conversations unless absolutely necessary, observing the group and the human world from afar. In the same beat, he is not only experienced, but strict with his teammates, and may scold them if they're not careful; he doesn't hold back from pointing out his allies' inabilities, and would be outspoken when referring to his teammates' drawbacks, whether they're "amateurs" or if they're going to hold their team back. Morgana is unfortunately, impaired mentally by circumstance, involving not only his lost memories, but his experiences alone in the desolated Metaverse, as well as his inability to live in modern society due to his foul appearance. Because of that, he has no personal motivation to drive him to live in any particular direction: Morgana would try to be outright selfish and even selfless but neither of those would ever follow through, and he only ends up causing trouble when he tries to force himself to. He ends up acting immature and childish as consequence, at times resorting to yelling and force, though those don't work either. This is, again, a consequence of his circumstances, and Morgana recognizes his inabilities, and realizes that he may only break out of this cycle by either restoring his past or becoming human, making it his life goal: Morgana is the most mature member of the Phantom Thieves. Over the course of the story, however, Morgana's ambitions are met with fruitless endeavor, and he is forced to cope with his grief of his inability to fulfill his greatest potential. As a result, Morgana develops a kind of a superiority complex, and has a rude and arrogant way of speaking. He will often show off and respond with self-flattery, and acts cool. Morgana at first acts as a skeptic and a realist, but generally from a pompous perspective, as this mindset is rigid for the worst: he is particularly bossy with his teammates: Ryuji Sakamoto describes him as "condescending" and that he's "always barking orders." He has a wry sense of humor, and especially likes to look down on Ryuji for his lack of restraint, belittling him as a "monkey." One running gag is that if the protagonist sides with Morgana, he will respond with a mocking remark towards Ryuji. He's also cunning and two-faced in nature, sometimes tricking others for his own benefit or over pure mischief, but at first tries to make excuses for it as to preserve his dignity. Morgana's taste for aesthetics is anything but mundane: the common theme is his interest in luxury and the noble life, but those are incomprehensible, hence their unfitting and incompatible nature. He is also socially oblivious at times: he fails to strike up proper conversation, and would be described by Futaba Sakura as "lacking tact." but over time, Morgana becomes more tactful and considerate, even if his usual way of speaking would persist. Morgana is especially insecure of the possibility that his amnesia is a lie and his appearance is all he is inherently: because of that, he tends to insist he's "not a cat" as a knee-jerk reaction, even overreacting over the slightest of misunderstandings, and would defend himself as if he's worried something he's said or done would make him look like a cat. He would not be able to escape his feelings of inferiority either, as the group would often forget about him and even leave him behind like nothing, while going out of their way to befriend and spend time with one-another. He's also prone to physical abuse from some members, such as Futaba who would pull on his cheeks for fun, Ann Takamaki throwing him out of necessity, and even the protagonist gets involved several times. Ryuji only throws him in adaptations of the game, as well as Persona 5's opening, but during the game he's more prone to making fun of Morgana's unreliable nature. This would reach an apex when Morgana begins to feel truly alienated and thinks he's not only outright useless in every sense of the word, but it's not okay for him to stay with the group; albeit all of that's just a figment of his imagination and paranoia. Regardless, the group doesn't actually dislike him nor have problems with his behavior, and genuinely care about him and see him as an equal. Although Morgana pretended not to care about the group at first and was especially mean-spirited with them, Morgana's primary problem revolves around his inability, or rather personal struggle to be honest with the group, escalating his fears of his vulnerabilities and their relations to his friends. Although Morgana couldn't muster the courage to open up, the party would later help him out with by encouraging him to let out his true feelings for the team: soft, but strong love for the team and his true place to belong. That would help Morgana feel more comfortable with himself and perfectly fit in with the others. That being said, Morgana's conceited attitude is still preserved and he's not stopped from messing around with the others (such as in the epilogue) as it doesn't actually shake Morgana's bond of trust, as his honesty is one of his greatest strengths. Even when confronting Goro Akechi would he turn to give him the same advice: to follow his true feelings, even if he thinks people hate him. Morgana is overall loyal to the Phantom Thieves, treating them as equals during missions and gatherings. Aside from thinking about nothing more than the Phantom Thieves' success, he leads the party in meetings and acts as their voice of encouragement, securing that the party doesn't lose sight of their ideals. The party even sees him as a true friend and ally, and is genuinely respecting and grateful towards Morgana for all he's done for them and having been by their side since the beginning. Their faith runs so deep that at one point their thought of Morgana was enough to drive them to act: even Ryuji emphasizes that although he fights with him, he's also sad when he's not around. The party as a whole acknowledges him at the end of the game, and even remember to give Morgana sushi. Morgana has a special relationship with the protagonist. While Morgana would come out of his shell, becoming more honest with the others, the protagonist would be a key milestone for his progression, as he's always the first person he turns to. Aside from the two taking care of one-another, Morgana would eventually realize he belongs with the protagonist, and the both would grow devoted enough to risk their lives for one-another. Morgana would sympathize with his situation of being falsely accused. Over the course of the story, Morgana would perceive potential within the protagonist, which would only appear as just a coincidence, but would soon realize he's special as if destiny is on his side. The protagonist is often the first person Morgana turns to; he would even confide about his worries to him first. Morgana's support is requited by the protagonist, who is not only grateful towards Morgana as a friend, but is also understanding of his insecurities, and is shown to be supportive towards him facing his fear of falling short. According to Ryuji, Morgana would never give up on the protagonist. Yusuke even emphasizes on how close they are by describing that should Morgana become human, he may "end up just like the protagonist." Morgana has been frank with his thoughts on the attic: although he finds it to be messy, "drab" or generally abysmal, Morgana begins to appreciate the attic as it's where he wants to stay, at one point even calling it a "comfy little room." Morgana has a hidden kind, considerate and optimistic side, which is highlighted while he spends time with the protagonist during his daily life: Although acting as the protagonist's voice of reason, Morgana is also very encouraging towards him, as he might not only praise him but cheer him up if things go south. He also seems to have fun watching the protagonist enjoy himself while performing various activities. Morgana's also emotionally attuned with books and films and sympathizes with their characters, such as the movie The Cake Knight Rises; on Buchiko's Story, Morgana outright states he cries every time he reads the book. Aside from that, Morgana's also rather meek and cowardly, as he's not good with scary stories, and it's implied he can't handle gore while watching Pach Saw. Morgana also dislikes condescending people. Most of the time, Morgana wanders in his thoughts, generally daydreaming or wondering about what he is, right and wrong, and so on: if Morgana is brought to the confessional, he'll comment on it, having realized just how much he held back his tongue, and would be relieved by the experience. Not only that, but despite his reluctancy to take on the role of a normal housecat or be treated like one, he does actually seem to enjoy the perks that come with them, or learns to like them. He wouldn't normally be allowed to eat human food, so he'd have to eat canned cat food during his daily life. He would complain about it at first, but he would eventually grow to love it. Morgana does seem to enjoy being pet as well. Although the protagonist and the others are normally hands-off with him, Morgana does acknowledge that his cat-like qualities can help the protagonist, and one time he would reluctantly allow him to touch his paw in place of going to an adult store to relieve stress. Additionally, according to Morgana, resting in the sun are the most peaceful times for him.Morgana's very intelligent, and has a great deal of common knowledge. Morgana also knows English (in addition to his native Japanese,) but it's gotten rusty (in the English localization, that has been changed to German.) He's also adaptive in blind situations, such as with handling investigations on the Metaverse and even helping the protagonist with tough questions in class. Morgana's understanding of the Metaverse yields him deep psychological knowledge, which is essential for the group to understand the nuances with dealing with people's hearts. Because of this, Morgana likes to label himself as a "smarty."Although normally hard on his fellow male members of the group, he's very gentlemanly towards women. It goes enough that he displays concern for them and supports them whenever appropriate. This might go out of hand, however, as Morgana's described as the "type to be under a girl's thumb."This is especially prominent with Haru Okumura, who acts as her mentor or something of an upperclassman. Although Haru's awkward, Morgana would often attempt to cover for her mistakes. After Haru's father dies, Morgana would sympathize with her for worrying about other people more than herself, and would blame himself for the incident. He only makes one exception for this, however, as he would not cover for Haru's initial weakness in place of the team's operation, bluntly stating she may "slow them down. A lot." Morgana is also a hopeless romantic, and would fall in love with Ann Takamaki, referring to her as "Lady Ann" as his way of expressing his love. These feelings would be again based on superficial appearances, but the reason he developed a romantic interest is a culmination of her her kind and courageous personality, her support towards him and taking him seriously, but also because he was mesmerized by Kamoshida's cognition of Ann, which is her only wearing cat ears and bikini. Morgana tries to impress her with gestures and remarks. Said love makes him go out of his way to be gentlemanly towards her, he that also triggers his perverted mind, as not only would he make several unapologetically amorous remarks, once he would even try to look up under Ann's skirt. However, even though he's proud of his enthusiasm and wanting to make her happy, he's awfully timid when it comes to actually breaking the ice and asking her out, most of his pick-up lines being shy and if not outright cheap. He's just as embarrassed to tell his friends how he feels about her. Morgana is very interested in the phantom thief genre, and often integrates that into their infiltration activities. This enthusiasm is one reason why he coined the basic theme of the group to revolve around phantom thieves. Morgana also believes that a phantom thief should have an eye for art as well as discern authentic pieces from forgeries. According to the Persona 5 artbook, Morgana's hobbies include watching TV, particularly the news and cop dramas; this interest is presented when they watch TV at Leblanc, as Morgana will make comments on the news and the recurring cop drama starring the Sharp Detective Sakyo Hinoshita. He won't make any remarks on other shows such as the broadcast special "Discovery! Town Detectives!" and the recurring "Phoenix Rangers" series; the only other instances where he'll comment is if it's a relevant activity for the protagonist, such as the Home Shopping Program or the TV Quiz Show. Morgana also seems to really like the idea of being a commander, as according to him when reading "Call Me Chief," Morgana loves how "chief" sounds and would like to be called that someday. Morgana wishes he had a cooler code name than "Mona." Morgana is also fond of cuisine, referring to himself as a "serious gourmet." He loves fish cuisine, especially raw fish and sushi: he's enthused enough that he's knowledgeable on many types of sushi. When Morgana first wanted to become human, he considered trying Sojiro's curry afterwards.

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