Spider Demon (Mother)

Spider Demon (Mother)
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Kumo oni: Haha
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The Spider Demon (Mother) was a member of the Spider Family. Mother was very similar in appearance to her "son" Rui, having the same milky-white skin, teal eyelashes and nails, and circular, red facial markings. She also possesses a short and curvaceous physique. Additionally, she had bushy eyebrows and long, white hair parted down the middle of her face which was tied with teal orbs into two, thick strands. Mother wore a lengthy, layered kimono — maroon on the inside layer and white on the outside layer — that exposed part of her chest and was tied with a patterned obi. She also donned a beaded necklace composed of teal and purple orbs and decorative anklets. She also goes barefoot and has black nail polish on her toenails; the lower front of the kimono is open, exposing her legs. However, it was revealed that this was not her true appearance, as her body was altered to look like Rui's. Her original appearance was completely different from her transformed one, with a much smaller, childlike body compared to her new, more voluptuous figure. Her skin was marked with two maroon lines on each of her cheeks and her eyes were rounder with yellow irises and x-shaped pupils. She also wore her short, black hair parted to the side with bangs framing her face and two, low pigtails. Like most demons, Mother was cruel, unfeeling, and murderous towards humans. She ruthless controlled dozens of Demon Slayers through her threads and manipulated them into killing each other. She was also rather sadistic and callous, uncaring that her manipulation brought them prolonged suffering. In spite of this, spending time with Rui's family caused her developed an intense fear for him and Father, both of whom had abused her for being weaker than expected. This abuse was severe enough to make her embrace death instead of having to continue on knowing that both Rui and Father would continue to torment her. In her final moments, she seemed to have regained some of her feelings and memories as a human and seemed to have been genuinely touched by Tanjiro's kindness, thanking him for giving peace by warning him that a Twelve Kizuki was on the mountain, wishing him to be careful in her last moments. It was later revealed that compared to the rest of her "family", she was technically the youngest demon of the family (her original appearance being that of a young girl) and was still coping with her previous human feelings and memories, which caused her to cry and grieve many times when remembering them. Due to this she became a target of severe reprimand from Rui, due to her inability to be a proper "Mother" to her "Children", who were all technically older than her.

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